XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A outdoor security camera at 107,22€


The XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A outdoor camera is next generation smart IP camera for households that Xiaomi has recently unveiled. The latest camera can work outside with any necessity for constant electricity.
The latest Mi house security camera is an IP outdoor Battery Edition device made for outside surveillance, the section Xiaomi is operating for quite a very long moment.


The hottest Mi home safety camera 1080p has a rather straightforward and decorative look. Its small size makes it difficult to discover the camera, providing you with greater protection.


The XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A exterior camera is designed for outside use, so the maker utilize materials with higher durability and water resistance characteristics, It includes IP65 dust and water protection criteria, and it can easily operate under extreme weather conditions.


The XIAOMI Mijia exterior camera is first IP camera device from Xiaomi that comprises a surveillance camera alongside an image receiver at the kit. This attribute helps it absorb minimal electricity and makes checking and extracting pictures from the camera quicker and much more convenient for consumers. You could even join a wired signal transmission into your display, which is stable.\

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Works 100 days having the internal backup battery
This is obviously among the most crucial benefits of XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A camera.

Equipped with great hardware, smarter applications
The hottest Mi house security camera can capture videos in 1080P, thanx to its high apertureup F2.6, which assists to capture better lighting conditions.


Capability to spot more precise
The hottest xiaomi house safety camera comes equipped with a rather advanced information processing program. It aids the apparatus to do quicker image evaluation with the assistance of AI. Additionally, its infrared body recognition system may discover individuals even in the dim, which other cameras can’t.
Being a Xiaomi ecosystem merchandise, the XIAOMI Mijia CMSXJ11A exterior camera also can connect at any smartphone with the mi home program. With the support of the Program, you are able to track the wise camera 24*7 in any region of the planet. Its unique and crucial feature is the capability to send instant notifications to the consumer’s telephone when discovering any unusual motions.


How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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