About GearBest

GearBest is an eCommerce company specialized in gadgets and apparel. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China and counts more than 2,000 employees. Being located in the heart of the world biggest production district, GearBest offers innovative products that often are not yet in the market at extremely competitive prices.

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Purchasing guide: hints

Is GearBest trustworthy and reliable? Standard question for international eCommerce companies.

Here some suggestions:

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  • Use only PayPal as payment method: PayPal protection has been extended to 180 days in Ireland to grant higher level of safety on international transactions. At any time, you have a third-party platform that enhances your shopping cart protection. During the PayPal protection period you are also eligible to have reimbursement on shipping costs if you want to return the product to GearBest.
  • Have your payment methods verified on first purchase: verify your credit card on PayPal to have your gadgets dispatched quicker. (If the credit card address does not match the receiver address, GearBest might require an anti-fraud check)
  • Prefer express shipping to flat rate shipping (if avaiable): Despite GearBest chooses only safe shipping methods, there might be a faster and more reliable shipping method during check-out.
  • Buy insurance if the order exceeds 15£: Insurance at GearBest is extremely cheap and will add an additional layer of safety. In the unlucky event your parcel gets lost during shipping, you will receive reshipment or reimbursement after investigating the case.



  • European Warehouse (located in UK): products are not subject to customs and can only be delivered to the Emerald Island via Expedtied shipping. All products in stock
  • Flat rate shipping: This is the default free shipping method. VAT shall be payed for any order above 15£. We suggest to select this shipping method only if it is way cheaper than other shipping methods.
  • Expedited Shipping (OWE & An Post): Fastest shipping available and only option for EU-Warehouse. Subject to customs if parcel value is above 15£ and handling fees might occur. Fairly Cheap from the Chinese Warehouse.

European Warehouse

The european warehouse is located in Manchester, UK. All parcels sent to any address in Ireland from this warehouse are sent via Express shipping. The shipping costs vary according to price and weight of the product. All the products are in stock and shipped out 1 or 2 days after you placed your order. The estimate shipping time is within 7-8 working days.

No customs: all products are already in the EU region and therefor no taxes or customs shall be paid.

Insurance conditions

During checkout there is an option to add insurance. We suggest to add insurance for orders above 15£.  Orders with insurance are eligible to full reimbursement on the selected payment method in the unlikely event of the parcel getting lost during the shipping procces. Orders with no insurance above 15£ might not receive full reimbursement (usually 50%) in the case the parcel is lost. Yet, even though the chances for this to happen are fairly slow, we would suggest you the following rule: Buy Insurance and you will be grand if any problems occur.


All products are subject to 1 year warranty if not differently specified on the product page. Additionally, you have 45 days time-frame to return the item if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Processing Times

From the european warehouse the processing is of 1-2 business days. Products are in stock with immediate availability.

From China and Hong Kong warehouses the time GearBest can ship out a product is specified on the product page. During peak season there might be delays due to a high number of orders. If you see your order facing delays, please do not hesitate to open a ticket on support.gearbest.com


As mentioned before, each product has 1 year warranty. Additionally, you have 45 days time-frame to return the item if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately, GearBest will not refund you the money to ship the product back.


The official gearbest support is available at support.gearbest.com. Any official change to your order has to be taken through this channel. Please remember, that opening a ticket will put your order on hold. That is why we suggest to only open a ticket if there are severe delays or for after sale support in case of faulty or dead on arrival items or any other problems, that initiate the refunding proccess.

PayPal disputes

If you open a PayPal dispute for a yet not delivered item, the money will be reimbursed by GearBest.

If you open a PayPal case for a shipped item, GearBest will reimburse once the item is shipped back to GearBest.

We suggest to open a PayPal case only if the purpose of the action is reimbursement.


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  • You will receive UK power adapter for any order with electronics shipped to Ireland
  • Express Tracking is available at 17track.net & domestic via AnPost.ie