LEMFO Smartwatch: Monitor Your Fitness Closely


While it is true that exercise boosts your health, good timing is equally effective. Every professional athlete knows the importance of time when it comes to their training. As such, a proper smartwatch is worth the hassle. LEMFO watch is one perfect example used by people who are serious about keeping it tight. It gives you real-time information on the status of your health besides working alongside your smartphone.

Design & Display


The LEMFO smartwatch features a 0.96-inch display screen, which offers plenty of space for checking the time and other notifications. In addition to the beautiful sleek design, the screen takes the shape of a square object finished with a smart sports bracelet that has holes dug in it. I guess the spaces in the bracelet are for allowing good aeration which is an indisposable ingredient to an exercise.


Apart from the screen being large and sufficient enough for a perfect display, it also sports an intelligent light sensing technology. This is a function that allows for automatic adjustment of the screen’s brightness levels according to the time of day. To be precise, the screen brightens when the sun is up on a clear sky and dims later in the evening when darkness creeps in. This allows for maximum visibility of the screen content while protecting the eye.


Pedometer Partner

One of the vital roles LEMFO smartwatch can do is act as a partner to count and record steps for you. This saves you the energy and confusion that comes with having to count your own steps. Furthermore, the device can record the distance covered too. That way it becomes easier to have your own targets and monitor the daily performance. The number of calories burned helps you to assess if you are making progress.


Heart Rate Monitor

Research shows that the number of people who die of heart disease in the US is 610,000 every year. That makes it the leading killer lifestyle disease. The LEMFO smartwatch has an algorithm optimized to ensure an accurate record of the heart rate 24 hours around the clock. It gives instant information on the rate of your heart beating to allow for effective monitoring of your own physical fitness.


Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen

Even though keeping track of the blood pressure and blood oxygen is a rare phenomenon in smartwatches, the LEMFO bracelet has a quality surveillance system for the same. Using the principle of the pulse rate, the optical sensor on the watch will display the blood pressure and blood oxygen measured. To break the former concept into simpler terms, blood oxygen reveals the level of oxygen content in your blood. It is essential for determining the metabolism levels in your body and the body index itself. Or if you like, it checks whether your body mass(fat) is directly proportional to your height.


Other Features

We cannot exhaust the applications of the LEMFO smartwatch without mentioning its sleep monitoring function. With the bracelet, you can easily check the length and quality of your sleep, which is important as the factors affect your productivity and mood.


The device features Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is compatible with platforms above Android 5.1 and iOS 8.0. When successfully paired you can receive and respond to notifications from QQ, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and many other apps. You can try it out for less than 10 bucks this Black Friday.

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