Homtom HT37 Pro: Super Slim Design With Double Speakers


The Homtom HT37 has specs almost similar to its Pro version. If anything the only difference shows on the memory space, performance and price. Otherwise when you look at the dimensions, display, chipsets, and the rest, they are all alike. Both are decent phones with high performances.


If the value for money is one of your top 5 rules in life then Homtom H37 Pro is the way to go. It has all that is needed in a phone. Except, of course, for a few luxury features that we get to see in Samsung and the likes.

Design & Appearance


The general outlook says a lot about a smartphone. While it’s true that an edge-to-edge display is a new standard, phones like HT37 Pro still feature the traditional design but look really nice. It has an ultra-thin body, less than 9mm in thickness to be exact. Functions including the front camera, fingerprint sensor, volume buttons, and significant other keys are placed just like in the old models.



Despite the simple look, the display is where Homtom HT37 Pro wins most hearts. It sports a total of a 5-inch display screen that a 2.5D glass highly guards. The resolution is 1280×720 with high definition that reveals clear screen content and rich color images. Another cool feature of the screen is the G+F+F touch lens technology that facilitates multi-touch for more gestures.

Homtom HT37 Pro Specs


Specs-wise, the HT37 Pro is not left behind. Integrated into its simple design is a powerful MediaTek’s MT6737 processor. The chipset couples with the phone’s 32GB ROM to support 4G network and multitasking operations. The combination also makes browsing with HT37 Pro seamlessly fast.


Running on Android 7.0 Nougat, the HT37 Pro features a split screen where you can switch in between the Apps anyhow. It has hyperactive touch senses complemented by the fast software. Another area Homtom leveraged on is the double speakers that offer users a superfine stereo sound system. With this kind of speaker system you don’t need an external input to enjoy your music.



NFC has been so far the most advanced communication protocol between devices but its installation costs a lot. The Homtom HT37 Pro employs Hot-Knot, which is a new capacitor for smartphones. It is relatively cheap, fast and requires no type of antenna installations. Furthermore, it beats Bluetooth as the only requirement is for the smartphones to be close to each other to exchange information.



The Homtom HT37 Pro’s camera might not be the best out there but it sure does work fine. The front selfie camera is 8MP in size while the rear houses a 13MP camera. Recording and shooting of high definition videos and photos is very possible with the smartphone. But it cannot, however, be recommended for professional photography.

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