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Good tablet should be either portable or have a large screen-size, depending on your needs and purpose. Smaller tablets are lightweight and mobile, while larger models, with screen size as large as 10 inches are less convenient to use on the go, but offer much better multimedia experience and work capabilities. Larger screen usually also drains battery much faster, but many Chinese tablets have high-capacity cells built-in, suitable for prolonged work, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Devices from China like Chuwi Tablets, Xiaomi Tablets, Teclast Tablets and Cube Tablets available on GearBest are very good choice for professionals, gamers or social media enthusiasts alike, because of good display, fast CPU and powerful battery.

Very important factor is obviously price. Fortunately Chinese tablets are much cheaper than their western counterparts like Apple iPad, at the same time retaining good specs and in some cases are even better in terms of processing power, number of CPU cores and battery. This is the case especially with high-end Xiaomi tablets, that can be also bought cheaper on GearBest, thanks to our Xiaomi tablet coupon codes. Browse bargains below and pick Android or Windows tablet that suits you best.

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