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DIY Green Llama Bunchie with 3D Printer


Have you ever been impressed by this weird running green creature on the Internet? Its name is Bunchie, a green llama, which is one of the earliest memes of the Internet! Today, we are going to print a 3D Bunchie with the 3D printer.

About Bunchie, the Green Llama

First of all, I’d like to tell the story about the Bunchie. Bunchie is a creature that looks like a hybrid between a walrus and a llama, with four legs and an elongated neck, wrapped in a mystery and glossy green skin. It was created by an Aaron St. Goddart and turned into animation by Roel van Mastbergen. But it didn’t begin to become popular until a certain user of a forum (presumably the Penny Arcade forum) called Kelet published it as totally absurd response in serious thematic thread. That is why it was also called the Kelet in principle. Now, you can find multiple variants of Bunchie animated GIF avatar on the Internet, although the most common is usually the green one.

How We Did the 3D Printed Bunchie

We use the Creality 3D Printer – CR-5 3D Printer to do this work. Creality 3D CR-5 is a high accuracy 3D desktop printer with 310 x 200 x 350mm printing volume. It supports TF card or online print that is very convenient to operate even without computer. Its LCD screen shows printing information directly and easy for to manipulate on the manual touch screen.

Last update was on: September 17, 2019 4:12 pm

Before 3D printing, the first and important step is to prepare the 3D printing file. The CR-5 printer supports File format including G-code, OBJ, and STL. In this case, we use STL format.
llama1_file stl format

After finished the preparation of the .stl file, we put it into a TF card. Insert the card to the 3D printer (the card slot is on the bottom of the right side), you can choose which picture to print via the LCD screen. Choose it, then start to print.

Llama 3D printing
Llama 3D printing

The rest thing is just waiting. After 22 hours and 48 minutes, the 3D Bunchie was finally done.
printer screen
llama 3D printing done

But that was not the end. There was manual work waiting for us. We needed to remove the 3D printed support structure. In gerneal, we use a knife to scrupulously remove the structure and use sandpaper to polish the model. Now, you can see the finial work as shown in the following:

3D printed Punchie
3D printed punchie

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  1. Did you guys make this STL? I need it; ; where can I get it!?

  2. Can buy just the bunchie figurine

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