Established in 1999 in Hong Kong, Yuneec (CN Address: 中国上海徐汇区虹漕路461号漕河泾软件大厦B座15楼) started as a RC aircraft manufacturer and transformed into an internationally recognized brand of unmanned as well as manned aircrafts. With safety being the top priority of the company, Yuneec’s products help fire fighters, rescuers, law enforcement agencies and coast guards every day to keep their territories a safer place. It also manufacturers RC quadcopters for hobbyists as well as professionals under the brand name of Typhoon and Breeze. Yuneec has constantly been innovating in the field of electric aviation since its inception and was the first to produce a commercially successful fixed-wing RC airplane. Its revolutionary electric aircraft and aerial video quadcopters helped the company gain international recognition in a short span of time, and is now also among the top manufacturers of hobbyist quadcopters. Witnessing a notable growth in the consumer market, Intel invested in Yuneec in 2015 and integrated its RealSense technology into the drones. Its two-seater electric plane E430 was awarded the Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize in 2005, while the company also received world’s first certification for an electric aircraft for its one-seater E-Spyder.

Is Yuneec the next DJI?

With such a long history of innovation and research, Yuneec is one of the most respected electric aviation companies. Featuring a 1080p camera and a 3-axis gimbal, its Typhoon Q500 introduced in 2014 was the world’s first quadcopter that was ready to fly right out-of-the-box. The semi-professional hexacopter Typhoon H was introduced in 2016 and features Intel RealSense technology for the first time. Intel’s partnership with Yuneec allowed its drones to automatically detect and avoid obstacles using a revolutionary technology. The Breeze drones managed to create a whole new niche, thanks to 4K cameras, GPS and a whole bunch of other features at an affordable price. The Typhoon Wizard remote control allows users to control the quadcopter using only one hand and makes the job a lot easier. The E-GO2 electric longboard is one of the most durable and flexible around and is able to accommodate any rider, thanks to the 400-watt motor. The H920 Plus is a multicopter targeted at professionals and is jam packed with features that ensure stunning images, flexibility and ease-of-use.

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Is Yuneec the right choice for me?

Yuneec has always strived to stay ahead of the competition through constant innovation and strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Intel and Panasonic. That’s why it’s no surprise that it manufacturers some of the finest quadcopters available at very competitive prices. What Yuneec lacks in variety is compensated by the features and durability offered in the existing product line. The Typhoon series is a perfect fit for semi-professionals as well as professionals, while Breeze offers a lot of features at an affordable price. The multi-purpose quadcopters and accessories are available at many major stores, including Amazon and Gearbest.

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