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Xiaomi Tech (小米科技, also 小米科技有限责任公司, est. 2010) is next to huawei probably the most well known chinese smartphone brand all over the world. It also referred to as ‘the apple of china’ with it’s founder Lei Jun often being compared to Steve Jobs. The company headquarter is located in the northern part of Beijing (CN address: 北京市海淀区清河中街68号 华润五彩城写字楼). Starting with smartphones and their self developed, Android based operation system MIUI, the company now emerges into all kind of product categories to connect all parts of ones live to the brand.

“Things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends.” — Lei Jun, CEO

Xiaomi caused an uproar with their great specs for an affordable price and thus created a whole new market for (chinese) brands all over the world. The dominating brands like Samsung, Apple or Huawei shook in fear of the startup from Beijing and were reminded to put their efforts in innovation and progress. Unfortunately, the beloved Apple from China did not make it far in its 6+ years of existence and the domestic market still is their priority. Slowly but surely the brand is establishing in India, South-east Asia and southern america, but Europe and America yet have to wait for an official release of all products in their regions.

Now, to follow Apples footsteps once again, Xiaomi offers a variety of Gadgets from Sports, Household or even Cooking which are interconnected in a closed system. Mi Fit, Mi LED, Mi-anything in the ‘Internet of things’ is the new strategy and due to the ridicolous manufacturing potential in china the plan goes well and the company is steadily growing.

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What makes Xiaomi so special?

Ever since the Xiaomi Mi 3 was launched, every tech savy person in this world knew about the company. It offered incredible value at that time and its successor Mi 4 was one of the most beautiful smartphones ever build at that time. Due to these devices and their affordable prices Xiaomi made it into the top 3 of total smartphone sales in their home market China.

While this domination streak did not last long and the numbers in 2016 are decreasing, other Gadgets like the fitness tracking device Mi Band or their smart light Yeelight-Series are getting more and more popular. Since more and more people can afford the top notch quality and service standards provided by the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei, this was a necessary step towards the future. Xiaomi, even to this point in time, can not offer the same level of quality as the brands mentioned above and they are competing over the pricing of their devices.

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Where to buy Xiaomi?

Since Xiaomi did not develop any branches in most countries of the world, you will need to get your Smartphone or Gadget from a reseller in China or Amazon. Make sure you read our Shipping and Customs guides before ordering.

for smartphones we suggest you to use one of our recommended Stores with an EU-Warehouse or selling directly from your country of residence. For the best prices, we have most complete list of Coupons in the net.

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