Established in 2011, WLtoys became a popular RC toy brand for its affordable and feature-rich products, including quadcopters, mini RC helicopters and cars. The company offers a huge variety of products to choose from, while spare parts are also easily available and allow customers to replace faulty parts instead of dumping the whole product. Other than RC toys, WLtoys also produces boats, airplanes and building-blocks based toys. Its products are particularly popular in North America, Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East where demand for low-cost products that deliver great value for the money has been increasing. WLtoys is not just about affordable toys as it also offers costlier RC toys that attract advanced hobbyists and enthusiasts. Ranging from small to large quadcopters and boats to airplanes, WLtoys has something interesting for every hobbyist and collector. The company focuses on affordability while ensuring quality and excellent performance.

What products does WLtoys offer?

WLtoys offers a wide range of quadcopters, RC helicopters, cars, boats and airplanes. The V666 quadcopter has a design similar to the Parrot AR and features HD camera, 6-axis gyro and a fully-featured remote control. The 720p camera is installed on an anti-vibration mount that helps keep the camera steady and avoid shaky videos. The V911 helicopter is perhaps one of the most popular RC helicopters the company offers. It features a compact design and a rather small size, but it’s much more than a RC toy. Not only is V911 quite a looker and solidly built, it’s also flexible and built to last. The heli uses interference-free (mostly) 2.4 Ghz frequency and offers 4-channels for better connectivity and control. Hobbyists can fly the heli both indoors and outdoors without any issues and it’s also compact enough to be easily taken anywhere.

WLtoys A979 is a high-speed monster truck able to reach a speed of up to 50Km/hr with a running time of around 10 minutes. Although it’s labeled as a toy, it actually much more than that and can reach the speed of an average car. Its shock system and rubber wheels prevent damage caused by vibration on rough and slippery surfaces, enabling the users to enjoy a hassle-free drive on different surfaces, including mud, sand, grass and grounds. Some of the other popular WLtoys products include A999 RC car, F959 plane, Q333 quadcopter, K929 4WD drift car and 10428A Electric Wild.

wltoys quadcopters
Should I consider WLtoys?

WLtoys is hard to beat when it it’s about variety and the company offers innovative products at an affordable price. Hobbyists and collectors love the capable, durable and feature-rich RC toys, which are actually much more than just toys and come with Android and iOS apps. That’s the reason its products have become so popular in such a short amount of time and are now available at many major online retailers around the world.

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