voyoVOYO is a brand of Shenzhen Yongjia Synthetic Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd (CN Address: 中国广东省深圳市龙岗区布吉镇西环路吉华工业区D栋5楼) and specializes in multi-mode PCs, mini PCs , Windows and Android tablet PCs, computer accessories and more. Implementation of Total Quality Control and compliance with ISO-14000, ISO-9000 quality standards ensure that VOYO products offer consistent performance and quality. It has also received certifications from various certification bodies, including FCC, CQC, ROHS, CE, and CCC. VOYO aims at delivering superior quality at an affordable price and has introduced many products that deliver great value for the money. Use of powerful Intel processors in small and portable devices enabled the company to introduce ultra-efficient Windows-based multi-purpose device.

Can VOYO move from a domestic brand, to an international one?

Compared to other Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Meizu, VOYO is a relatively less known brand, but that doesn’t mean its products are not on par. From 2-in-1 notebooks to Mini PCs, smartwatches and power banks, VOYO has introduced many products with distinct design and features at an affordable price. The VBOOK V3 features a Full HD IPS 13.3 inch touchscreen display, is powered by an Intel Apollo Lake Pentium quadcore processor, contains a massive battery and can be used a laptop, stand, tablet and in ‘tent’ position. WinPad A1 Plus and Ultimate are also Windows-based multi-purpose PCs, while Q101HD and Q901HD are Android-based tablets with SIM support. The power-efficient Mini PC product range includes miniPC BoxV1, V2, V3 and help cut the electricity bill significantly while saving a lot of space.

voyo tv box
Should I get a VOYO device?

The VBOOK series multi-purpose notebooks feature powerful internals and offer better usability. The miniPC series boxes are ideal to get the daily stuff done without consuming unnecessary power as they consume significantly less power than normal desktop PCs. VOYO gadgets are available at many major online stores, including Gearbest and offer reliability and durability at an affordable price.

Best Products

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