Shenzhen-based UMI Digital/UMIDIGI (中国广东省深圳市南山区塘岭路1号金骐智谷大厦405-407) is an emerging Android smartphone brand and aims to transform itself from a smartphone manufacturer to an internationally recognized digital tech company. UMI earned a solid reputation in the domestic market during the past decade and is now focusing more on international markets, including the Middle East, Europe, South and South East Asia and Africa. 2016 proved to be a very successful year for the company as it introduced many smartphones that became popular due to their balanced specs and very affordable prices. UMI Digital plans to introduce a variety of electronic gadgets in the future, including Robots, Smart Bluetooth and Home devices. Elegant design, use of quality materials and incredibly affordable price differentiate UMIDIGI from the rest. People looking for flagship specs at a mid-range price find UMIDIGI’s products particularly interesting, which offer exceptional value and enhanced user experience.

Which products does UMI Digi offer?

Introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2017, the iPhone-esque Z Pro is UMIDIGI’s flagship phone with flagship specs and an incredibly affordable price tag. The full-metal phone boasts Dual-Camera setup, is powered by Helio X27 Deca-core processor and features a Sharp IGZO 2.5D Arc Full HD display. Unlike most other dual-camera phones with entry-level sensors, Z Pro packs 13MP+13MP SONY IMX 258 sensor with 6-element lens. The powerful GPU, 4 gigs of RAM and a massive battery make the deal seven sweeter, while Android Nougat 7.0 OTA ensures a butter smooth user experience. UMIDIGI’s other feature-rich and affordable phones include Z, Plus 4G, Super 4G, Diamond X, Max, London and Rome X. Exceptional value for the money is the one thing common in all the phones that speak a design language of their own and feature decent specs.

umi digi smartphones
Should my next Smartphone be UMI Digi?

The use of quality materials, exquisite design and powerful internals at an affordable price make UMI Digital a brand of choice for people looking for the best value for their money. Availability of stock firmware and installation instructions is another big plus, especially for advanced users, while device manuals are also accessible from the official website. In today’s competitive market, small details like these can make a lot of difference as people often find it hard to get technical support out of Chinese companies. UMIDIGI products are available at various major stores in different parts of the world, including Amazon and Gearbest.

Best Products

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