Technology Happy Life (THL) is a Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer and a brand of Shenzhen Hongjiayuan Communication Technology Ltd. (CN Address: 中国广东省深圳市宝安区西乡洲石路111号富源工业城C16栋3楼). Established in 2008, THL aims to make customers happier through its affordable and feature-rich smartphones. That’s why the company gained popularity in a relatively short time span and now sells phones to customers across the world, including Europe, the US, Africa and Southeast Asia. THL focuses more on direct sales and has opened more than 300 stores across China. THL has not yet launched any flagship smartphone that poses a serious challenge to the other companies. But its existing product line offers great value for the money, which is something working really well for the company.

Did THL lose its former market penetration?

THL has produced quite a few smartphones that mostly aim to deliver excellent value for the money. Instead of going for the specs war, THL’s smartphones offer balanced specifications, elegant design and aesthetics and durability without costing much. T9 plus and T9 pro are one of the most affordable smartphones around and feature an elegant design and decent internals. THL2015, T11 and T7 are meant for people who need some extra processing power and display real estate. The target customers of the company include people who just want an affordable smartphone to keep them connected with their family and friends. Although some of its smartphones are also good at gaming and heavy multitasking, these things aren’t THL’s core competencies. What the company lacks in variety and power is compensated by the price-performance ratio, which is something a good number of people are looking for. THL also manufacturers affordable smartwatches and the water resistant P1 Bluetooth features an OLED screen, a heart rate monitor and BT connected remote camera.

Lately the company moved over to produce more budget friendly smartphones as the competition within the high-end of the market is fierce. It also poses big risks to smaller companies, since development, research and parts are way more expensive.

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Should I consider to grab a THL Phone?

The focus of THL since its inception has remained customers who want decent entry-level and mid-range phones. Low cost is the primary reason people opt for THL phones and the company has delivered in this regard. Its smartphones go through rigorous quality testing to ensure they perform as intended and last for years. Strict quality assurance procedures have earned the company a good reputation and people trust for maintaining quality.  Although direct selling has been company’s main focus, its smartphones are also available through many major retailers and online stores.

Best Products

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