teclastOn of the most well known and oldest Tablet manufacturers from China is Teclast (驰为创新科技(深圳)有限公司, est 1999). Located in Guangzhou (广州天河北路689号光大银行大厦17楼A1 ) the capital of Chinas southern Guangdong province (廣東省) the brand has the perfect location between Shenzhen and Foshan (and also Hong Kong and Macau) to distribute their good to all over the world.

The brand was one of the first to adapt a dual-boot system of Windows and Android on a Tablet which they extended now to their affordable Ultrabook series. Nowadays their portfolio also involves consumer electronics like fitness wristbands or all-in-one and desktop computers. They are available on mainly GearBest and Aliexpress, Teclast tablets can also be purchased via retailers like Amazon.

How is Teclast staying ahead of the game?

With over 10 years of experience, their own research and development facilities and great manufacturing possibilities Teclast definitely should be one of the first choices when it comes to tablets from China. With their X98 series the company set a milestone on the chinese tablet market since it came with Android and Windows at once and many other companies followed. Intel had huge impact on these kind of tablet with their Bay-Trail, Cherry-Trail and now ApolloLake processors.

Teclast is rapidly expanding in Asia and their main markets besides China now are South Korea and Malaysia. Hence, their breakthrough in other regions is only a matter of time. In the meanwhile the brand is also developing an Android based operation system called Teclast OS to improve the multitasking capabilities on a tablet and make them the most portable working machines possible.

Another big plus is the community. Besides normal updates and fixes, because it can sometimes be quite hard to deal with chinese hardware and companies, there is plenty of people offering help, drivers and fixes for their established devices.

teclast notebooks

When should I consider buying Teclast?

As big brands rarly offer any budget Notebooks and Ultrabooks in the 200-400$ region, brands like Teclast are miles ahead of their established counterparts. Nowadays the build quality is also on a very high level. If you need a notebook to check your e-Mails, work with Office or just watch a movie during flights and train rides, Teclast will offer the best value for money. Other brands offer similar products, but as Teclast been the first engaging this market, they surely have more experience in this segment.

Best Products

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