After making TDK knock-off cassettes for four years under the brand name TTK, Telephone Communication Limited started as a telephone manufacturing company in 1985 and became China’s biggest telephone manufacturer by 1989. TCL leveraged its success and built its first color TV in 1992 after a successful joint venture with French company Thomson SA. Currently, TCL is the fastest growing TV brand in various countries, including the US and is proud of being world’s 3rd largest TV brand (by market share, in 2013). With 35 research centers around the world and state-of-the-art production factory, TCL is one of world’s only three fully vertically integrated companies and makes its own parts for products. As a result, the company is able to offer quality products at an affordable price and passes the value to consumers.

From world’s largest 4K Curved TV (110-inch) featuring Quantum Dot technology to Smart and conventional LED TVs, TCL offers a variety of products that target different budget segments. TCL manufacturers a wide range of products, including TVs, ACs, dehumidifiers, washing machines, refrigerators, computer monitors, smartphones and other home appliances and electronic products. TCL changed the abbreviation of its name in 2014 from Telephone Communication Limited to The Creative Life.

What makes TCL the monster corporation it is?

TCL offers a variety of consumer electronic products for different regions with its LED TVs being the top sellers. The Xclusive X1 is a 65 inch 4K QUHD curved Android TV featuring a luxury design and cutting edge technology. The JBL speakers bring the finest sound to home and provide the ultimate home entertainment experience. The P60 series Android TVs are available in different sizes and offer a seamless picture, ultra-high resolution and DTS sound.

Like its TVs, TCL also offers quality computer monitors featuring unique designs and high quality panels. The T24M6C is a 23.6-inch curved monitor with a virtually borderless design and broad curvature, resulting in a better viewing experience and less fatigue. The ultra-slim design saves space and is perfect for small rooms and compact office workplaces. TCL T32M6C is a curved 31.5 inch monitor and features a similar design and 75Hz refresh rate for more sharp and crisp images. The monitor works well for gamers and provides FPS and RTS adjustment for better accuracy and response times.

tcl monitors

How to get one of TCLs products?

Affordable and high quality products have enabled TCL to become an internationally recognized brand. Being a vertically integrated company that focuses on innovation, TCL is behind many successful products that are known for their unique design and top-of-the-line specifications. That’s why its products are widely available in most countries around the world and at major online stores, including Amazon and Gearbest. In addition to the quality products, solid after sales service, availability of product information and support make TCL one of the favorite brands of customers looking for quality products at an affordable price.

Best Products

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