Guangdong Syma Model Aircraft Industrial Co., Ltd. (CN Address: 中国广东省汕头市澄海区莱美工业区二路西侧) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of affordable RC quadcopters and drones with its own design, manufacturing, testing and trading departments. From beginners to more experienced users, SYMA produces cost-effective products for a wide range of customers and delivers excellent value for the money. The product line of SYMA’s FPV drones and helicopters offer stability, durability and ease-of-use. SYMA drones particularly attract beginners who are looking to step into the world of remote controlled drones and want a stable and hassle-free flight.

Can SYMA become an alternative to DJI?

SYMA offers a variety of drones and helicopters that meet requirements of a variety of customers without costing much. The X5C is a super-affordable quadcopter featuring 6-axis Gyro and HD camera. It’s probably the best drone for the money and even performs better than drones that cost much higher. X8 series is a bit more expensive, but offers more features and better runtimes. SYMA helicopters are also very affordable and feature infrared remote controls and attractive design. The helicopter product line includes S39, S111G, S107G, S5 and military-themed copters S026G, S108G and S109G. Despite their low price, the drones and helicopters still offer excellent build quality and are very easy to operate. Although SYMA drones are not comparable to professional aerial photography quadcopters, they still deliver a lot of value for their price and are a big step forward from other drones in the same price category.

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When should I consider a SYMA drone?

SYMA never failed to amaze drone enthusiasts and beginners by offering a lot of features and durable design at very affordable prices. The company made it possible for people to shoot decent videos with toy drones that cost significantly less than the competition. That’s why SYMA rapidly gained popularity across the globe and now its products are widely available in many regions. Availability of spares and accessories is another big plus for the customers as they are available at various big stores, including Gearbest. Availability of Android and iOS apps and manuals further enhance the customer experience and allow them to make the most out of the products.

Best Products

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