Superlux Shubo Le (Address CN: 中国上海市青浦区工业园区竹盈路88号) started its journey from a small apartment in Taiwan nearly 30 years ago and transformed into an internationally recognized brand of quality audio products. Its diverse product range includes headphones targeting a variety of customers, including professionals and audiophiles. The 8.65 acre factory in Shanghai and another 57.66 acre site under construction in Lan-Yuan clearly shows the exponential growth the company has witnessed since its inception in Taiwan. What sets the Taipei-based company apart from the competition is the incredible value its products offer. The company is RoHS, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified and its strict quality assurance processes ensure that all the products perform as intended and reach customers free of any defect. The extensive industry experience helped the company set new standards and now its products are easily available across the globe at major stores, including Amazon and Gearbest.

Does the world famous brand live up to it’s expectations?

The affordable, feature-rich and pro-quality audio products offer incredible value for the money. Superlux products are known to deliver exceptional audio performance in a variety of applications, including studio broadcasts, gaming, live performances, corporate AV, military and government and more. Superlux HD 681 is one of company’s feature rich cable headphones that offer super bass and excellent audio quality at a price every consumer can afford. It’s also able to pick even the tiniest details and is designed for crucial listening applications. Superlux HD668B and HD662 EVO are professional and studio headphones respectively, while HD-330 targets users wanting HiFi stereo experience at an affordable price. Other budget-oriented Superlux products include HD381 in-ear earbuds, HD-440 and HD572 SP stereo headphones.

superlux headphones
Why choose Superlux over all other headphone brands?

The one thing common in all Superlux products is excellent quality and unbeatable value for the consumer. Many of the products can also be modded, which is a big plus for advanced users and allows them to make the most out of their purchase. Although looks may not be the area where the company puts a lot of efforts, the actual audio quality is on par with other products that cost significantly more. Superlux allows consumers to experience professional-grade audio quality, thanks to the super affordable headphones and other audio products.

Best Products

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