Specializing in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Android TV boxes, SUNVELL (CN  Address: 中国广东省深圳市宝安区西乡簕竹角鸿竹雍启科技园F栋5楼) was established in 2008. Extensive experience of producing ICs for other companies enabled SUNVELL to introduce innovative and feature-rich TV boxes for consumers. The company is particularly known for its Android TV boxes, which offer quality, features and excellent value for the money. The components used in its products come from renowned manufacturers, including Samsung, which make the final products more stable, durable and long-lasting. SUNVELL produces products for the consumers as well as other companies. Although the company rarely spends marketing dollars in the international market, its products still managed to become popular in many regions of the world due to their quality, features and affordability.

What makes a Sunvell TV Box worthy of buying?

SUNVELL’s Android TV box product line consists of many innovative devices with an inspiring design. T95M is company’s most affordable TV box, is powered by a quadcore processor and capable of playing 4K content. T95Z costs a little more, but offers a lot in return, including a unique design, octacore performance and Dual-band Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity. T95K is another popular product that features powerful internals and a colorful exterior. Some other popular Android TV boxes include T95U, T95V and the powerful T95. The variety in the product line means there is something for everyone at a price they can easily afford. That’s probably why instead of spending hundreds of dollars extra on a Smart TV, people prefer to buy an Android TV Box, which is not only very affordable and flexible, but also offers more value and features. Manufacturers usually tend to ignore the design element when it’s about producing low-cost products, but that’s not the case with SUNVELL as even its most affordable TV boxes feature a pleasing design.

sunvell tv box

What makes Sunvells TV Boxes stand out?

The marketing dollars the company saves by not advertising much, seemingly go to research and development of innovative products. It’s hard to name many domestic as well international companies offering the same kind of value SUNVELL does. Its TV boxes complete the home theater at a very affordable price. Design is the area where the company really shines and has come up with many products that feature a unique and trendy design. However, it’s not all about design as the TV boxes also pack powerful internals and provide a smooth streaming and user experience. SUNVELL Android TV Boxes are available across the globe, including major online stores such as Amazon and Gearbest.

Best Products

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