Established in 2008, Shantou Skytech Toys Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省汕头市澄海区莱美工业区) specializes in manufacturing affordable RC toys, including quadcopters, helicopters and racing boats. The company targets starters on a tight budget who want to explore the technology. A diverse product range covers different types of customers with varying needs. Its quadcopters and helicopters are liked by RC toy fans around the world and are easy to fly and control. Being thin, light and compact, the quadcopters are easy to carry around, allowing users to have some fun wherever they want.

Is Skytech an option for my first quadcopter?

Customers looking for affordable quadcopters to get themselves introduced with the technology often find SKYTECH products particularly interesting.  The M62 Lightning is one of the most affordable quadcopters that features a 6-axis gyro and night light. It’s easy to carry around and handle and is able to take some ‘beginners abuse’. M62 lightning is also available with a built-in camera, but it costs slightly more. The bundled remote control looks more like a gaming joystick, but allows users to easily control the quadcopter. The protective covers around the fan blades protect the quadcopter from damage, reduce wind resistance and improve maneuverability. It’s also able to perform some aerobatics and can perform 360-degree overturns, which makes the flying experience more fun.

SKUTECH TK110HW is a foldable FPV Wi-Fi quadcopter with camera that features air-press altitude hold, G-Sensor and headless mode. It’s also quite a looker, thanks to the streamlined, aerodynamic and attractive design. This quadcopter is a great choice for beginners who want most of the features at an affordable price. The headless mode allows users to easily control the quadcopter as it automatically changes direction according to user’s position. The high precision barometer makes it possible to fly the drone at a fixed height, while flight path setting allows users to predefine flight paths. The H101 is a high-speed racing boat that can reach speeds of up to 30KM/hr and can perform 180-degree flips. Some of the other popular SKYTECH products include M70 and TK106RHW quadcopters and M series helicopters.

skytech quadcopters

What makes Skytech special?

On first sight Skytech is just one of many quadcopter companies, but the well thought out implementation of features in the budget sector, push the brand slightly ahead of competitors. While not offering any outstanding and innovative features, the brand sits well in their niche offering decent prices especially for beginners in that segment.

Best Products

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