A brand of one of the most popular Chinese technology companies Xiaomi, ROIDMI (Address CN: 中国北京市海滨区清河中街68号 华润五彩城写字楼) specializes in different car products, including Bluetooth players and chargers, adaptors and audio products. Xiaomi invested in Wuxi Roidmi Information Technology Co. Ltd. In 2014 and despite being such a new market entrant, the company managed to introduce some innovative and affordable products. Since its inception, the company has been busy developing practical and intelligent car products that offer convenience and make life more comfortable. Known as the Apple of China, Xiaomi is known for designing cool and innovative products, which also reflects in simple, yet elegant ROIDMI products.

Did Roidmi become a powerhouse with the help of Xiaomi?

Being a new market player, ROIDMI does not offer a huge product range, but the products on offer have innovation at their core. ROIDMI 2S is an affordable Bluetooth smart car charger made out of metal and durable plastic with a fireproof housing. It provides two fast charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity and an external mic at the top. The official ROIDMI app allows pairing the smartphone with the charger via Bluetooth and makes it easier to stream or play music (using Google Play Music app). Attractive design, sturdy built, strong connection and excellent audio quality are the features that set 2S apart from the rest, while the USB charging ports also charge devices fast. The official Android app provides information about battery charging and a whole bunch of other things.

The Blue U is a convenient Bluetooth player that comes with a BT version 4.2 chip and can be used at home or inside a car. The delicate and beautiful dongle made out of an aluminum shell eliminates wires and makes it very easy to create a Bluetooth audio system through one-key pairing. 1-to-2 charger adaptor is also built using quality materials and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. With a power rating of 90-192W @ 8A, the adaptor meets all the requirements to charge power-hungry automotive devices.

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Is Roidmi a go to brand?

Backed by Xiaomi that believes in delivering exceptional value, ROIDMI products share the same vision and aim to make life easier and more fun. The simple-to-use, functional and innovative products are catching up fast with the competition and are now available at many major online retailers such as Gearbest that also happens to be ROIDMI’s business cooperation partner. Although ROIDMI isn’t offering a whole lot of products at the moment, things may change in the future and the company is expected to launch more innovative and affordable products.

Best Products

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