QCY/ Dongguan Hele Electronics Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省东莞市道滘镇大岭丫工业区-粤晖路5号新城小学旁厂房) is one of China’s leading manufacturer of wireless audio products and is known for its feature-rich and affordable Bluetooth headphones. QCY is an abbreviation of Quality, Creative and You as the company aims to bring quality audio to the masses. The trendy and fashionable designs of its products clearly indicate that this company is mainly targeting the youth. The Bluetooth headphones help users get rid of wires and perform activities, including driving, sports, shopping and working more easily and with greater comfort. Established in 2003, Dongguan Hele Electronics Co. Ltd. has an experience of well over a decade and is an ISO9001-2000 certified company. It’s also RoHS, FOC, BQB, CE, IPXX, KOC/MSIP and TELEC/MIC certified, meaning all the products go through strict quality inspection to ensure consistent quality. QCY delivers quality at an affordable price and its wide range of products includes mono and stereo Bluetooth headphones, headbands and speakers. QCY holds dozens of patents and has formed strategic alliances with established market players such as Motorola and Samsung, which helps in rapid innovation.

Does QCY deliver a great sound?

QCY Q29 Bluetooth earbuds is one of the most popular products and considered AirPods on a budget. The two independent earbuds can be used together in stereo as well as mono mode. The tiny carrying case the earbuds come with also serves as a charger that easily fits in all pocket sizes. QCY50 foldable Bluetooth headband features an elegant design and offers around 12 hours of music listening time and 390 hours of standby time. The QQ800 Bluetooth speaker features a great design at an incredibly affordable price and comes equipped with a decent battery and support for TF cards and easy controls. Some other popular QCY products include QY8, QY7 and QY26 earbuds with affordability and durability being the common denominator of all models.

qcy earbuds

How affordable is QCY?

Gone are the days when high quality was only possible at a higher price, thanks to internationally emerging brands like QCY that aim to offer the best bang for the buck. QCY Bluetooth audio products are an affordable alternative to similar products by established market players, which are available at a significantly higher price. That’s why QCY headphones are increasingly becoming popular worldwide and are available at major online stores, including Gearbest and Amazon.

Best Products

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