Established in 2003, PiPO (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市南山区科技园北区朗山二路北8号清溢光电大楼六楼608) is a Taiwanese-invested company that specializes in manufacturing Android tablets, phablets, Mini PC Boxes and TV dongles, notebooks and Windows and 2-in-1 tablets. PiPO started making eScooters in 2015 and also manufactures 360-degree cameras, VR gears, smart rear-view mirrors, and point-of-sale equipment. Being an OEM partner of Microsoft and Intel helps PiPO to produce affordable and feature-rich products, while strategic partnership with Rockchip allows the company to launch Rockchip-based products earlier and at a more competitive price. PiPO manufactures devices with screen sizes ranging from 5 to 11.6 inches and based on Windows and Android operating systems. Being an OEM/ODM company, PiPO also manufactures customized products featuring Intel, MTK and Rockchip processors and can meet demands of specific sectors such as specialized tablets for educational institutes, home security equipment, advertisement agencies and more. The company is also MP3, HDMI and SDA/HALA licensee, which eliminates any chances of legal issues in the international markets, especially the US and Europe.

What products does Pipo offer?

PiPO has produced many affordable products that provide the benchmark against which other value-centered products can be evaluated.  X9S features the best of both the worlds and serves as a TV box, Windows 10 PC and an Android tablet. The Intel Atom-based ‘box’ packs all the bells and whistles at an unbeatable price, including a razor-sharp Full HD display and full HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports. W3F is PiPO’s one of many Android tablets that features a Full HD display and decent internals at an affordable price, while W8 was company’s first Intel Core-M based tablet featuring an ultra-high resolution display. Work W9S is PiPO’s Intel Cherry Trail based notebook featuring Windows 10 and an Apple MacBook-like slim and elegant design.

pipo tablets
Where can I grab a Pipo Tablet or TV Box?

Although PiPO still remains a relatively unknown brand in the international markets, it’s a well-known brand in the domestic market for manufacturing affordable, innovative and feature-packed products. The wide range of products means there is something for everyone to choose from, while affordability allows users to try new technologies without spending a fortune. The tablets, hybrids and TV boxes are available at many famous online retailers in different parts of the world, including Gearbest and offer great value for the money without cutting on innovation and features.

Best Products

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