Established in 2014, Pimax (Address CN: 中国上海市浦东新区龙东大道3000号) is an emerging Virtual Reality brand involved in producing high-end VR gears. The company also has the honor of launching world’s first 4K VR gear Pimax 4K, consequently resulting in winning the award of best VR at CES ASIA 2016. What separates Pimax from other VR companies is its affordable, yet feature-rich HMD available at almost half the price. After surprising the industry and tech enthusiasts by its 4K VR, Pimax is now all set for another important milestone: commercial launch of 8K VR headset.  Before shaking the foundations of the VR industry, Pimax was primarily involved in manufacturing medical equipment and has around 18 patents under its belt. This clearly indicates that the next generation of VR headsets would originate from China, a country that is giving a really hard time to established market players.

Are VR-Headsets from China the next big thing?

High price of VR headsets was the number one reason that was putting back customers from buying one. With the introduction of Helmet Mounted Display Pimax 4K VR, the company made it easier for consumers to grab a top-end VR headset without breaking their bank. The revolutionary 4K VR headset set new standards for the industry and featured a remarkably high resolution of 3840 x 2160, which was three times more than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at half the price. If we take into account that Pimax is just a couple of years old, developing the world’s first 4K VR was actually quite an achievement.  The gear delivered an incredible pixel count of 8.29 million, which is something unheard of at the time of its launch. Pimax helped the industry enter the 4K era and allowed consumers to enjoy their very own private theater featuring a 110 degree Field of View, double gyroscope, myopia protection and an ergonomic and comfortable design.

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Should I pick Pimax as my new VR?

The company behind the world’s first 4K HMD VR is now all set for the commercial launch of its 8K VR headset, which was introduced in 2017 at CES technology show. With VR being the next big thing which has already happened, Pimax introduced the right product at the right time at an incredibly attractive price. The company is now ready to take the industry into the era of 8K technology, which may be overkill for many, but still a giant leap ahead. The popular 4K HMD is available at many online stores, while retailers such as Gearbest are also offering the bleeding-edge technology at flash sale prices.

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