Oplayer (Address: 18D/E, Hanking Centre, 23 Deng Liang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China) is a renowned ODM manufacturer of smartwatches, smart bracelets and kids gaming consoles. The company is known for offering its products at an affordable price while maintaining quality. With an experience of over a decade, Oplayer aims to blend technology with fun and provide reliable OEM/ODM services for clients across the globe. It has launched a variety of affordable products since its inception and also offers a wide range of handheld gaming consoles for kids. These consoles feature many games created by company’s own team, which is also behind ten iOS and Android apps. Being an ISO9001, ISO14000 certified company, Oplayer ensures quality during all stages of manufacturing so that the consumers get defect-free products with consistent performance. The company also actively participates in international technology shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress to showcase what it has to offer.

Can Oplayer compete with the big brands?

Oplayer smartwatches are perfect for customers who want a hands-on experience with the technology without breaking their bank. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, SW1402 is one of the most affordable watches, but still manages to offer many functionalities, an elegant design and good connectivity options. Support for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat and e-mail allows users to get instant notifications. Functions such as sleep tracking, pedometer, remote camera, Bluetooth connectivity and more make it easier for users to keep track of their daily activities. SW1605H is comparatively expensive, but offers heart rate monitoring and is waterproof. The gaming consoles for kids including MGS2702B offer a lot of fun and color options. Hundreds of built-in games and great portability make these consoles an excellent entertainment device for children aged four and above. Just like the smartwatches, Oplayer’s smart bracelets are also incredibly affordable and some of the most popular products include SB1001, SB1012 and SB1010H.

oplayer smartwatches

When to decide for an Oplayer product?

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get a similar functionality at a fraction of the price? That’s what made Oplayer popular over a short time period and now its products are widely available in different regions of the world at many major stores, including Gearbest and Walmart. The gaming consoles for kids offer a lot of fun without costing much and come with hundreds of built-in games. Incredible prices make it hard for customers to resist Oplayer products, which also feature quite decent design and a lot of functionalities.

Best Products

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