Established in 2013 with the goal of leaving a mark on the world, OnePlus became one of the world’s most popular smartphone brands in just three years and now sells its smartphones in more than 40 countries. The Shenzhen-based company was founded by former VP OPPO who wanted to create high-end phones for the masses. Company’s motto ‘Never Settle’ encourages users not to settle on low-quality smartphones and always have the best. The simplistic design, high-end specs and an intuitive user experience helps differentiate itself from the crowd. Another key selling point of OnePlus phones has been its exclusive licensing agreement with aftermarket Android company Cyanogen Inc. It released its first smartphone One in 2014, which became an instant hit, but was sold on an invite-based system. Unlike most other smartphone manufacturers, this brand offers only a few smartphones that are well designed and executed and offer high-end features at a relatively affordable price.

How does Oneplus disrupt the smartphone market?

OnePlus revealed its first smartphone One in 2014, which held ground and is popular even today. OnePlus 2 was introduced a year later and also became a global hit, while OnePlus X was unveiled later in 2015. OnePlus 3 was introduced in mid-2016 and offers a unique blend of performance, design and customizability. The Dash Charge technology used in OnePlus 3 not only charges the phone faster, but is also cooler and safer. Most fast chargers increase the voltage to rev up charging, but OnePlus 3 revs up amperes and directly delivers the charge to the battery. Its ultra-slim metal unibody has been carved from a single slab of high-quality aluminum. The combo of Qualcomm’s flagship 820 processor and 6 gigs of ram may be overkill for many, but offers the best-in-class performance and future-proofs investment.

With the OnePlus 5 released in 2017, the company once again offers an interesting Smartphone with an attractive price tag. Overall a great Upgrad from the Oneplus 3T. From Snapdragon 821 to Snapdragon 835, first time with dual cameras and a beautiful design, that reminds of an iPhone 7. With the OP 5 the company establishes it’s market position even more and OxygenOS & HydrogenOS are often updated with new features. As a sidenote: The company skipped the model number 4, because in chinese the number 4 (Sì or 四) sounds similar to the character for death (Sǐ or 死).

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Should I consider buying OnePlus as my new Flagship device?

OnePlus took only three years to achieve what many other smartphone manufacturers couldn’t in decades, thanks to the exquisite deign, top-of-the-line specs and enhanced user experience. Newly launched phones often run out of stock and with the next phone after the OnePlus 5, there are many reasons to get excited for. Their flagship phones are available in more than 40 countries around the world at almost all online retailers.

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