Established in 1989, ONDA (Address CN: 中国广东省广州市天河区燕岭路89号1005A房) is one of China’s most experienced tech companies and country’s leading manufacturer of laptops, convertables, tablets, mini PCs, computer peripherals and accessories. ONDA is Microsoft’s core partner in China and has numerous technology awards under its belt. The company has a long history of innovative products that delivered great value and quality. Although international customers may not be well aware of the brand, in the domestic market ONDA is a household name and is also gaining popularity in the international markets at a rapid pace. Ranging from budget tablet PCs to top-of-the-line graphic cards and gaming accessories, ONDA has something for every technology enthusiast at an affordable price. With such a long history and diverse experience in the tech industry, it’s no surprise that ONDA is an A-list partner of the leading global tech companies, including Microsoft, Intel, NVidia and AMD.

What makes Onda a chinese powerhouse?

ONDA is a well-known brand domestically and also in some international markets for manufacturing affordable and quality tech products. Its Android, Windows and hybrid tablets, including V820W (Hybrid), V80 Plus (Hybrid), V10 (Android) and V919 (Windows) have particularly gained popularity due to their affordable price, features and value. However, its tablets represent just one of the several product categories as ONDA also manufactures quality motherboards, GPUs, mini PCs, large-sized displays and other PC accessories. The oBook 11 is a multi-purpose Ultrabook and features all the bells and whistles of a modern convertible without costing a fortune. Although its All-in-one PCs such as B220 and B250 look more like Macs, they pack decent specs at a competitive price. ONDA also produces high-end graphics cards based on NVidia and AMD graphic chips and adds value to the already-powerful packages.

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Is Onda a save bet for my next purchase?

Very few Chinese companies offer the variety and quality ONDA does, while the company also has an advantage over others by being a level-A partner with some of world’s leading technology brands. The company has also gained popularity in the international markets in recent years and its products are now available at some of the major online stores, including Gearbest. Although ONDA may not be a brand very well known in the large-screen display segment, it does produce some feature-rich and innovative products that offer a lot more value per dollar than other established market players.

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