Established in 2007 and a brand of SYSMAX, NiteCore (Address CN: 中国广东省广州市越秀区东风东路 850 号锦城大厦 1401 室) specializes in multimode lights, chargers, accessories and has also introduced a vaping mod. The company takes pride in the solid reputation it built over the years in the illumination market and has introduced many innovative products at an affordable price. In addition to products meant for the general public, NiteCore also manufactures specialized products for law enforcement agencies, rescue and search teams, hunters, outdoor/camping and military. Its world-class flashlights, chargers and accessories are known for their innovative features, durability and exquisite designs. NiteCore is also the first China-based brand to win the iF Product Design, thanks to LA10 and R25 flashlights, while LA10 also won the ISPO Award 2017. The company has also won numerous other national and international awards for its quality flashlights and chargers.

What makes Nitecore one of the best flashlight brands?

NiteCore is considered one of the top tactical LED flashlight manufacturers and has launched a number of successful products with top-of-the-line features and design. The diverse product line includes products ranging from keychain lights to tactical pens and professional search lights. The P12 flashlight has been designed keeping affordability and emergency situations in mind and can run on CR123 as well as 18650 batteries. The MH27UV is an all-climate tactical flashlight with 1000 lumens brightness, 53,500 CD intensity and is capable of reaching great distances with a powerful throw. The integrated 500mW professional-grade 356mm Ultraviolet LED can be used for multiple purposes, including currency and document examination and forensics. Its independent red, blue and UV LEDs allow users to adjust the flashlight according to different requirements. The multiple award-winning LA10 is a waterproof light for campers and outdoor enthusiasts and offers 360-degree illumination in a thumb-sized body. The compact and lightweight camp lantern is just the size of a thumb, is extremely easy to carry around and only uses a single AA battery to provide a backup of around 23 hours.

nitecore flashlights

High price, but high quality

The feature-rich, durable and affordable flashlights, chargers and accessories have gained popularity the world over, thanks to the great value they offer. That’s why it’s not hard finding NiteCore products at most major online stores. Constant innovation has enabled the company to offer quality products at a great price. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many products have won both domestic and international awards for their innovative features and the value they offer.

Best Products

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