MPOW (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市福永街道桥头社区永福路102号富桥工业区一区第七栋) is an emerging brand that manufactures consumer electronics and accessories and specializes in high-quality Bluetooth audio headsets and speakers. The product line includes Bluetooth and iPhone headsets, Bluetooth audio and accessories. The company earned a good reputation for delivering quality at an affordable price and its products offer a great balance between the two. In addition to Bluetooth audio products and accessories, MPOW also produces solar-powered LED lights, arm bands, monopods, clip-on lenses and car accessories.

What does MPOW offer in this competitive market?

MPOW introduced Cheetah Bluetooth sports headphones back in 2004, which became an instant hit and was followed by many other quality products at very affordable prices. The Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1 sports earbuds feature an aluminum shell and ensure minimum background noise by using CVC noise reduction technology. They are comfortable to wear and offer excellent sound quality without costing a lot and are significantly cheaper than their ‘branded’ counterparts. The Armor Bluetooth speakers come with advanced IPX65 certification and are water and dust resistant. This allows users to enjoy their music even when they are taking a shower. The 5W speakers deliver better bass and produce quality sound. With a coverage range of 33 feet, users can feel free to roam around with the connected music device.

MPOW Thor is over-the-year foldable Bluetooth headset featuring noise cancelling technology and a jog-wheel that allows users to conveniently control the playback. The foldable design makes it easier to carry the otherwise larger headset around, while the sound quality and bass levels are also fairly good. The MBH7 B is another Bluetooth headset from MPOW that features super bass and touch control. The touch-based controls add a new dimension to Bluetooth over-the-ear headsets and allow users to control playback more intuitively. Some of the other popular MPOW Bluetooth headsets include Seal, Magento and Seashell, which are also available at an affordable price.

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Should MPOW play my music in the future?

MPOW is an emerging brand in the international markets and has started building up good reputation for offering good quality at an affordable price. The company has introduced a number of affordable products that offer great features at a fraction of the price that established brands are charging for similar products. That’s why it’s not hard to find MPOW Bluetooth headphones and speakers at many famous online retailers such as Gearbest.

Best Products

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