One of the long established brands from China is Meizu (MEIZU Technology Co., Ltd, 魅族科技有限公司 est. 2003) that rose to fame with MP3 and MP4 players in the early 21st century. With their headquarter located in Zhuhai (CN: 珠海市唐家湾高新区港湾大道) Meizu enjoys great benefits from being very close to Macau, which is a special special administrative Region of China, but fully autonomous. This is a great benefit for importing and equally benefical than being close to Hong Kong (e.g. Shenzhen companies).

The breakthrough internationally happened with the release of their MX3 and MX4 series, which launched not only in China, but also in Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy and others. With their unique concept of only using one button on the phone on their highly modified android operation system, also known as FlymeOS, Meizu gathered quite a few fans all over the world.

Pricewise Meizu smartphones are not among the cheapest, but stand for exceptional quality and come with the best cameras among all smartphones on the market. Here in china you will find retail stores labeled with Meizu pretty much anywhere.

When should I consider a Meizu Smartphone?

Due to their long experience on the market Meizu is always a great bet for a solid smartphone. The FlymeOS offers constant updates and improvements while only a quick learning period is required to get used to it. Similar to the iPhone models there is only one button to navigate through the phone, but combinations in holding it or performing multiple presses in a row can be set up to your own needs. It is also available in nearly all languages in the world.

You can grab the devices from eBay, Amazon or chinese online shops like GearBest and Aliexpress. The latter will have the newest flagships available first and offer cheaper prices due to their location inside Meizus home market. Make sure you do not purchase a smartphone with Alibabas YunOS, since it is primarily made for the chinese speaking mainland market.

While not offering any revolutionary features a Meizu smartphone is a great pick for everyone with a strong affinity for photos (you will love their camera app) and good quality. All this at a pricetag definitely below Samsung, Huawei or Apple.

meizu smartphones

Where to get a Meizu Smartphone?

Unfortunately, Meizu yet didn’t make it to the western world. If you still want to get your hands on the Smartphones of this famous manufacturer from China, you have to order from China (e.g. GearBest) or expensive via Amazon and other local retailers. All camera enthusiasts on a budget should take a closer look at this brand.

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