megirShenzhen Megir Watch Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市宝安区西乡街道固戍南昌健裕第一工业区第3栋厂房3楼和4楼) was established in 1996 and carries decades of experience of producing a variety of quality watches at an affordable price. NAKZEN Watch Co. Ltd. is Megir’s sister company and was established in 2008 to focus on the home market and Japan. Its collection of business and youth-oriented watches are popular in many parts of the world because of their exquisite designs, durability and innovative features. That’s why the company witnessed over RMB 100 million in sales during the last decade. Megir’s product line includes high grade quartz, mechanical, sports and gift watches. What distinguishes Megir from other international players is the price of its watches, which are hard to beat. The company aims to revive people’s lost interest in watches due to smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic gadgets by offering great design and functionality at an incredibly affordable price.

How is the quality of Megirs watches?

Megar offers a huge variety of different types of watches and its sports and mechanical watches are especially very popular. The 2002 quartz watch for males is designed to remind the value of time and features up to 30 meters water resistance and hardened crystal mirror. The trendy design makes the watch quite a looker, while imported quartz movement ensures accurate time. The 5006L is a stainless steel band watch for women with a simple and elegant design and includes necessary features such as water resistance and durability. Other popular Megir watches include 3005, 2029 and 3778 quartz, while 2713 is one of the most popular mechanical watches.

megir watches

Why choose a lesser known brand like Megir

Megir is a brand known for producing very affordable watches with surprisingly good quality and innovative design. Although the company is relatively a new entrant in the international markets, especially the US and Europe, it is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Most of us are no longer willing to spend hundreds of dollars on watches because of the electronic devices we always carry around with us. However, there is no shortage of people who still prefer the classiness of wrist watches, particularly mechanical watches. These people find Megir watches an excellent option as they offer quality, durability and innovative design without costing much. That’s why Megir watches are now widely available at many major online stores, including Gearbest or Amazon.

Best Products

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