On the western markets Leagoo (Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. est. 2014, CN: 深圳市领歌科技有限公司) with their headquarter in Shenzhen Longhua (CN: 深圳市龙华新区和平路汇海广场B栋1206-1209)  is definitely not among the most famous brands, but their main business is deeply rooted withing the SEA region. With their low to mid range devices Leagoo made a name for themselves in countries like Cambodia, Malaysia or Indonesia.

But luckily there is platforms like GearBest, Aliexpress or Amazon (with Prime), that offer these Smartphones worldwide. Leagoo shines in the pricespan between 50 and 150$. Here they offer a variety of products with different specifications to fulfill different needs. Ideal as the first smartphone or users with less challenging requirements.

leagoo phones

What kind of phones does Leagoo produce?

While not being able to deliver the same premium quality level as LeEco or Meizu, Leagoo shines when it comes to affordable smartphones for everyones. On top of it you will find plenty of options to choose from: Fingerprintsensor, long battery lifetime, a decent camera and many more. Whatever you emphasize Leagoo will offer a smartphone priced below or around 100$.

Lately Leagoo is literally venturing into the lifestyle segment with smartphones like the Venture 1 resembling a luxury design and high quality materials. Nevertheless the great success in different countries show their experience and lead the way to a successful start in different markets especially in the western world.

When should I consider Leagoo?

As Leagoo offers decent quality for everyone with a tight budget, one should consider the brand especially when a 5″ phone is preferred. Of course, not all features can be packed in one phone, but therefore the brand offers a huge collection to choose from. Especially as 2nd smartphone, first smartphone for kids or to equip the older generation with a smart device, absolutely sufficient. Leagoo can be bought from pretty much any store including GearBest or Amazon.

Best Products

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