jxdEstablished in 2012, JXD (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市福田区上梅林片区北环大道辅道中汽南方大厦5楼) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong JXD Co. LTD. (est. 1995) and specializes in manufacturing Android-tablet based portable game consoles. JXD also manufactures MP3/MP4 players and mobile phones and markets its products in different countries other than mainland China and Hong Kong, including the Middle East, India, South America, Australia, North America and Europe. ISO 9001:14000, RoHS, CE and FCC certification means all JXD products go through rigorous quality control and leave the factory defect-free. The company offers a unique blend of innovation, quality and affordability and also offers customized services for OEM/ODM companies. JXD is committed to providing innovative products at an affordable price and targets a wide range of customers.

Why are JXD handheld consoles the best?

JXD is better known for its Android-tablet based portable gaming consoles that make gaming more fun and feature innovative designs. Singularity 192K is JXD’s latest flagship gaming console and packs a decent amount of raw power. It features a Quadcore chip, 4 gigs of ram, 64 GB high-speed internal storage and a Full HD IPS display. The console offers PC-level gaming and supports 18 game emulators, including PSP and PC emulators. The ergonomic and curved design and keys layout provides better grip and a user experience similar to top-of-the line gaming consoles. The joystick and buttons ensure a faster and more accurate response and provide better control. The console also comes with a 3-axis motion sensor with accelerometer that takes the gaming experience to another level.

JXD S7300C is an affordable console that is powered by a Quadcore processor and features a simple and minimalistic design. Although it does not offer a lot of RAW power, it’s still good enough to enjoy most of the Android games and makes the experience more enjoyable. Some of the other popular gaming consoles include S5800, S601 and 603, which are all affordable consoles and offer excellent value for the money.

jxd tablets

What makes JXD special?

JXD brings fun back to gaming and offers a variety of affordable gaming consoles that can also be used as normal tablets. The portable consoles make it possible for gamers to enjoy their favorite games anywhere, anytime. That’s what enabled the company to build a solid reputation in a short amount of time and now its products are available at many major online stores, including Gearbest and Amazon.

Best Products

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