Established in 1997, Shenzhen Jumper Computer Technology Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市福田区华强北路深纺大厦A座1709) is one of China’s most experienced technology companies and an OEM/ODM specialized in manufacturing Tablets, notebooks and All-in-one PCs. This company is also an agent of many popular international technology brands in China, including hardware agent of Asus and software and hardware agent of Microsoft. The company also has partnerships with many other reputed technology brands, including Intel, Huawei, AOC, ECS, ZTE, FOXCONN, Western Digital and Samsung, which allows Jumper to come up with more innovative and quality products. Instead of marketing its products as just-another-Chinese-product, they have been focusing on a differentiation strategy and is proud of its ‘created in China’ products. With a history of making PCs dating back to 1997 when the company introduced a Pentium II PC in China, it is a well-known brand in the domestic market and rapidly gaining popularity in international markets, including Europe, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, India and Korea.

What Ultrabooks does it have to offer?

Jumper is a brand mostly known for its affordable notebooks and 2-in-1 convertibles belonging to the EZBook and EZPad series. However, they are not the only categories the company it good at as Jumper also manufactures all-in-one PCs and tablets. As the name suggests, EZBook Air is a successor to EZBook 1 & 2, has much in common with the Apple MacBook Air and is a budget Windows 10-based laptop featuring a Full HD display. Despite its smaller 11.6-inch screen, the notebook packs a roomy keyboard with adequately-sized and comfortable keys. The EZBook 3 is another affordable, easy to carry and standard-sized notebook powered by Intel Apollo Lake processor, featuring a 14.1 inch Full HD display and decent battery life. The EZPad line of 2-in-1 PCs and tablets offer better usability and portability and some of the popular products include EZPad 5S and EZpad 6. The all-in-one PCs like the ET35 feature innovations not common in affordable AIO PCs such as dust, water, scratch and crash proofing and also provide users the option to install motherboards, processors, rams etc. of their own choice.

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Why consider to buy a Jumper Notebook?

Jumper is one of the very few brands in China that was there when the PC-frenzy started back in late 90s. Ever since the introduction of a Pentium II based PC in 1997 and a Pentium 4 PC in 2004, they have constantly been busy in developing innovative products and making them available at an affordable price. That’s why its products are becoming increasingly popular in different parts of the world and widely available at many online stores such as Gearbest or even Amazon.

Best Products

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