jjrcJJRC/JIANJIAN Technology Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省汕头市澄海区广益街道登峰路新悦翔玩具展厅向下行50米) is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of entry level and intermediate-user drones as well as RC toys. Company’s motto ‘TECHNOLOGY FOR FUN!’ clearly indicates JJRC is focuses on drone enthusiasts who are primarily interested in the technology for recreational purposes. The company offers a wide range of very affordable quadcopters that are perfect for starters. Its palm sized-drones are fun to fly and perfect for beginners who want to experiment with the technology before moving on to more expensive and powerful quadcopters. Starters have a variety of products to choose from and JJRC has something to offer to everyone no matter what their budget is. Customers looking for the least expensive drones are often intrigued by features JJRC offers and usually end up buying one.

What JJRC focuses on

JJRC is better known for producing super affordable, palm-sized and foldable drones that still manage to deliver great value and features. JJRC H37 is one of the most popular and affordable FPV drones featuring Wi-Fi and built-in camera. Despite the low asking price, the quadcopter still manages to include 6-axis gyro and G-sensor and offer various features such as headless mode, aerial show and follow-me commands. JJPRO P130 is a warrior and a racing quadcopter featuring desert camouflage. It’s a good choice for enthusiasts who want fun out of technology. Built on 3K carbon fiber, JJPRO P130 is reliable and able to take some beating before giving up. Control distance of up to one kilometer is quite impressive and not something you’d usually see in most other affordable drones.

The H8 Mini is one of the most affordable drones currently available and features 6-axis gyro, 360-degree rollover, night lights and CF mode (enables the drone to change direction according to direction of the remote control). Like H8 Mini, H20 is also one of the most affordable quadcopters and offers similar features, but comes with a different design. JJRC Q50 is an off-road car able to reach speeds up to 20KM/hr. Thick alloy body, shock absorbers and 55mm ground clearance allows the RC car to easily handle tough terrains, while 20 minutes of drive time on a single charge is also good enough.

jjrc dronesShould I choose JJRC?

JJRC is a brand known for producing incredibly affordable quadcopters without crippling functionality and overall user experience. Looks and design is another area where JJRC drones leave little to be desired, while availability of parts means you are not left with paper weights if something goes wrong. JJRC products are widely available at various popular online stores such as Gearbest, offer great value for the money and deliver quality and features starters expect from the company.

Best Products

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