ilifeHaving manufacturing and R&D base in Shenzhen as well as another manufacturing and R&D base in Dunnguan and Hong King respectively, ILIFE (中国广东省深圳市龙岗区龙岗街道宝龙工业区宝龙四路3号海能达B栋2楼) and is one of country’s leading manufacturer of cleaning robots. Although the company is relatively new, particularly in the international market, it managed to gain popularity in a short time due to its affordable, feature-rich and innovative products. ILIFE was the first company to develop infrared eye detection system and also the first to introduce in-mold decoration technology. It launched its first product X500 in 2012 after establishing its manufacturing base in Shenzhen in 2012. Soon after the release of X500, ILIFE launched various products featuring new and innovative technologies, including introduction of Lithium ion batteries in its whole product range. The company implemented various new technologies, including BLDC motor and launched 3-in-1 robots that were able to sweep, vacuum and mop.

What house appliances does ILIFE produce?

It took ILIFE only a few years to come up with industry-firsts and products that helped reshape the entire industry. It first entered the Chinese market after launching V3S, V5S and V7S in 2015. ILIFE managed to sell around two million units (2012-2016) of its first commercial product X500. 2016 turned out to be a very successful year for the company as it also introduced gyro-mapping technology in the same year and launched mapping models T4, X430 and X431. It’s A6 and A4S robot vacuum cleaners offer power and a bunch of features that make cleaning jobs easier and more efficient.

The V series addresses needs of various types of customers and offers unique features at an affordable price. V3S Pro features around a dozen infrared detectors and is designed for users who keep pets at their homes. It picks up hair, debris and dirt without getting the vacuum clogged. Its low profile ensures that the robot is easily able to get under furniture and other stuff for effective cleaning, while the double filter helps purify the air. V5S features 2-in-1 cleaning and comes with a dustbin as well as a water tank for both vacuuming and mopping. V7S Pro offers advanced mopping functionalities and can also be used for cleaning purposes. Like other models, V7S Pro also features infrared detectors and docks/recharges automatically, allowing easy operation with the push of a button.

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Why get a vacuum cleaner from ILIFE?

With a rich history of innovation and introducing affordable, yet powerful and feature rich cleaning products, ILIFE has become a household name in a matter of just a few years. That’s why ILIFE robot cleaners are easily available at major online stores, including Amazon and Gearbest. The value the company offers is hard to beat, while support and reliability of the products are other areas which ensure a satisfied customer base.

Best Products

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