ideaflyEstablished in 2000, Shenzhen Idea Fly Technology Co. Ltd (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市龙华新区鹊山新二村工业区1栋201) specializes in manufacturing multi-rotor aircrafts and is known for blending innovative ideas with research and development. Not only its products are affordable and offer excellent value for the money, they also ensure quality and reliability. Its recreational and commercial UAVs have gained an excellent reputation around the globe for their aerial photography and videography capabilities. They are available in more than 30 countries and are predominantly popular in many European, American and Southeast Asian countries. Ranging from mini indoor racing drones to waterproof quadcopters for Marine operations, Ideafly has something to offer to everyone at an affordable price.

ideafly quadcopter

What type of drones does Ideafly produce?

Ideafly racing drones, including Octopus 90 mini, B210 and Grasshopper F210 are popular among recreational drone enthusiasts and offer a lot of features at an affordable price. Octopus features a carbon fiber chassis for durability and an AIO FPV camera with 110-degree Field of View. The palm-sized mini drone offers everything starters and enthusiasts need to get started. Poseidon 480 is a waterproof drone designed especially for Marine operations and helps teams ensure security in their territories. Hero 550 is a professional-grade UAV with a patented and high-performance design that provides extra stability and flexibility. Mars 350 is one of company’s most popular products, is very easy to operate and provides users with complete control over handling and maneuverability. The drone is also lightweight, very portable and offers greater stability.

IFLY-4 is a relatively expensive drone and provides advanced features, including the rabbit controller. IFLY 4S offers even more power and features, including GPS and enhanced stability and control. The Apollo drone not only looks cool, but also offers a lot of features that make it easier for starters to get started in no time. Ideafly also manufactures a variety of handheld gimbals, including JJ (smartphones), JJ2 (smartphones) and JJ3 (sports cameras).

Why choose Ideafly?

Affordably is the number one reason behind people turning to Chinese brands and Ideafly is no exception. The company has produced a number of affordable, yet feature-packed quadcopters and gimbals that are popular among starters as well as seasoned professionals.  That’s the reason behind the popularity of its products in different regions of the world, which are now available with many major online retail stores such as Gearbest.

Top Products

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