hubsanEstablished in 2010, Shenzhen Hubsan Technology Co. Ltd. (Address CN: 中国广东省深圳市南山区学府路软件产业基地1栋C座13楼) takes pride in manufacturing affordable and feature-rich quadcopters. Its products have rapidly gained popularity in different regions of the world, including the US and Europe due to their unique design, aerial capabilities and the value they offer. Ranging from palm-sized toy drones to professional-grade quadcopters, Hubsan has something for everyone. The company is particularly known for its small-sized quadcopters that are easy to operate and a perfect starting point for drone enthusiasts. The variety of products in the FPV and quadcopters product line ensures that everyone can find something according to their requirements and budget.

What is Hubsan good at?

The X4 FPV series strikes just the right balance between price and features and is one of the favorite drones of starters. X4 Micro allows users to experience most of the features that modern drones offer while staying in the lower-price range. It’s lightweight and sleek, yet agile and powerful and allows hassle-free operation. X4 501S comes with a 720p camera and can fly in moderate winds, thanks to the aerodynamic design. X4 H107C+ is another entry-level quadcopter for starters and offers incredible value for the money. Like 501S, H107C+ also comes with a 720p camera, but costs significantly less and allows users to perform most of the operations. It’s a perfect drone for starters who want to get some hands-on experience before going for a more expensive product. X4 H109S Pro is Hubsan’s most capable drone and features a 3-axis gimbal, 6-axis gyro and a Full HD camera. Functionalities such as one key take-off and landing, GPS mode, automatic landing and good battery runtimes make this drone a good choice for seasoned users.


hubsan dronesWhy choose Hubsan?

Hubsan makes it possible for everyone to experience the drone technology by offering featured-packed quadcopters at an incredibly affordable price. Finding a quality sub $50 drone with a camera is not an easy task, but Hubsan makes it easier and that’s why it’s one of the favorite brands of starters. Its products are widely available from many major online stores in different parts of the world, including Gearbest and are trusted for their durability. Hubsan quadcopters are about striking the right balance between features and price more than anything else and the product line offers great functionality and eye-catching design at an affordable price.

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