homtomHOMTOM is a sister brand of the renowned Chinese phone maker DOOGEE and specializes in producing phones with insanely large batteries and rugged design. Founded in 2009, HOMTOM transliterates into Chinese words ‘Heng Tong’, which means ‘lasting, eternal’. While DOOGEE serves the market for ‘normal’ smartphones, HOMTOM focuses on customers who want long-lasting phones with epic batteries. Located at TaiBang building 23F-03, South Fourth Road, High-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (CN address:

中国广东省深圳市南山区科技园高新南四道泰邦大厦23楼2303室), HOMTOM aims to produce long-lasting and powerful phones with massive battery life at an affordable price. Initially, the company aimed to create smartphones with bigger batteries, but with the passage of time it started adding more features, including waterproofing. ISO 9001, 2008 and other domestic certifications instill confidence, while the company also has a long history of research and innovation.

Products and Specialties

HOMTOM HT6 with a battery capacity of 6250 mAh clearly tells the type of customers the company is aiming for. It targets power users as well as those who want their phones to last for days without charging. Just 5% battery is enough for HT6 to last for another 65 hours on standby, which is a big plus for outdoor-people or those who travel a lot. Not only company’s most phones are equipped with massive batteries, they also support quick charge, which allows users to quickly juice up their phones. With such a massive battery, why not charge other phones as well? That’s why it’s no surprise that HT6 also supports charging other phones.

Ruggedness and battery life isn’t what HOMTOM is all about as it also manufacturers colorful and stylish phones for the young and energetic (C Series). Its B Series phones target professional-class users demanding class and elegance, while the T Series phones are made using advanced technology for extra protection and ruggedness.

homtom smartphones

What makes Homtom special?

Instead of copying other smartphone manufacturers, HOMTOM offers something customers always wanted i.e. longevity and battery life. Many customers give more importance to battery life and durability over specs, design and other features. As its brand department was founded in 2015, the company is still not very well known and is in its early stages. However, the brand is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to massive batteries, use of long-lasting materials and exquisite designs.

Top Products

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