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Established in 2002, GPToys is a brand of Yegg Inc. (5/F, MeiJing Building, Tongyi Road, Chenghai District, Shantou, Guangdong, China) and specializes in designing and manufacturing hobby products, including remote controlled and other toys. What made GPToys popular is the right balance between price and quality the company provides. Yegg was established in 1992 and has years of experience in manufacturing quality toys, which helped GPToys rapidly gain popularity worldwide. Innovation and ensuring consistent quality have been company’s hallmarks, while ISO 9001-2000 certification instills further confidence in the customers. Its toys, especially remote controlled products are liked in many countries and are widely available in different regions, including the US, Europe, Japan and Canada. The main objective of GPToys remains to provide users the best possible experience and quality at an affordable price. The company has also been focusing on Virtual Reality products and already has some interesting gears on offer.

Products and Specialties

GPToys offers a diverse range of products ranging from RC Quadcopters to vehicles and helicopters. The Remote Controlled vehicles are particularly famous for their sturdy build quality and durability, including Foxx S911, Aftershock S606, Green Thunder S608 and Rirder5 S609. The RC Quadcopter product line includes Middax F51, Aviax and Trooper series, which also feature waterproofing and other protection features.  The Crib Bell line of toys includes Flash, Judy and Frufru, while the company also produces quality foam darts and magnetic blocks.

With the introduction of VOX+ VR products, including Z3 and Gearplus, the company is ready for the future. The VR products offer an immersive experience, comfort and better compatibility at an affordable price and use high-end materials and sophisticated technology. GPToys is capitalizing on its existing brand image to further expand its product line in the international markets and introduce new and innovative products.

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Why GPToys?

Customers around the world find products by GPToys interesting, thanks to the lightweight, sturdy and durable design of the products that are available at a very reasonable price. That’s why finding GPToys products isn’t difficult, which are available at major stores, including Amazon and Gearbest. The RC quadcopters, helicopters and vehicles are not only loved by kids, but also admired by adults and are often purchased as gift items. Kids can also operate the RC toys quite easily, thanks to the simple design and straightforward operating.

Top Products

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