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Established just a year ago in 2015, Shenzhen-based Geekvape (CN Address: 深圳市宝安区西乡兴业路3012号老兵大厦(二)东三座6005C楼) created quite a stir in the vaping industry after the launch of its first product ‘Griffin RTA’. The product became so successful that the company managed to become one of the top companies manufacturing affordable, authentic and quality vaping products. Timing played a very important role in company’s success as by then, the market was being bombarded by cloned and unauthentic products. Geekvape made improvements in the existing Crius platform by adding a better insulator, building a friendly deck and improving top filling. Such improvements and an affordable price tag immediately caught attention of vapors around the world and the products started selling like hot cakes. With a diverse product range, strict quality assurance and wider availability, it has now become a common name and set benchmarks for other industry players. It’s also among the very few companies that made it this far in just one year.

Products and Specialties

Soon after the launch and success of Griffin RTA, Geekvape launched many other products to meet demands of a wider range of customers. The Tsunami RDAs features a 22mm and 24mm atomizer, while the Griffin family now has four members. The Avocado lineup became popular because of many innovative features, including the filling-system and bottom airflow. The company also produces quality Subohm tanks, which are available in different versions such as 22mm and 25mm. The atomizer product line includes Medusa, illusion, Karma, Ammit, Avocado, Tsunami and of course Griffin.  Geekvape also produces mods, kits and other vaping accessories and welcomes every type of users whether beginners or advanced.

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Why Geekvape?

Quality, variety and affordability makes it the first choice of many vapors, while the company has been setting industry standards since its inception. Its competitors try to improve on its existing products, but Geekvape always comes up with even more interesting features. Constant innovation, quality products and availability at major stores and online distributors, including Gearbest makes Geekvape an easy choice. The exponential growth the company has witnessed in just a year makes it easy to assume that we can expect more exciting and innovative Geekvapor products in the future.

Top Products

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