elephoneCompany: Elephone

The smartphone Brand and manufacturer Elephone (Elephone technology co., ltd. est. 2006) is located in Shenzhens fastest growing area called High-Tech Park (CN: 龙岗区坂田街道天安云谷3栋B座2101, official address points to an empty Building in another part of the city: 深圳市坂田龙岗区新和路8号 锦和大厦 4楼). Even though they are among the smaller brands, this company has their own factory and does not rely on another company to manufacture.

While always staying affordable and below 300$ Elephone offers all three tiers of smartphones for their customers. From low budget lines like the C-Series or medium range P- & M-Series over to highly potent smartphones like the Elephone S7, they sure offer something for every budget. Their devices are available on all well known platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress or GearBest.

What makes Elephone stand out?

Besides an aggressive marketing strategy with countless ‘unusual marketing tricks’ like VIP-tickets, it got a high visibility due to their unique smartphones and a lot of bold press releases. Besides those marketing efforts, they can confidently call themselves a luxury midrange brand innovating enough to get a fair share of the market. Latest example is the green colour of their freshly released Elephone S7.

Bold, because some of the devices were never released or changed last minute with their world first features removed. As example the Vowney with 2K-Display and switchable Android & Windows mobile OS or the P9000 Edge with a bezelless display.

Top Products

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