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Established in 2011 and based in Shenzhen, Eleaf (深圳市宝安区锦程路沙井和一北方永发科技园第28栋) is a popular vaping brand around the world and also an OEM/ODM partner of various other companies. Eleaf specializes in products with enhanced battery life, which was the main issue with vaping products in general. Presence in many parts of the world and strong connections with distributors made Eleaf one of the most popular brands of E-Cigarettes in a very short period of time. Constant innovation through Research and Development, high quality and better services helped Eleaf rapidly gain customer confidence and loyalty. R&D being its key strength, Eleaf serves more than 132 countries around the world with a very loyal customer base. The company has applied for around 300 technology patents so far, clearing showing company’s commitment to innovation and aiming for the best.

Product and Specialties

Eleaf earned fame after the introduction of iStick series. iStick Mini was introduced in 2014 and was followed by iStick 20W, 30W and 50W. The temperature-controlled e-cigarettes were quickly succeeded by iStick TC40W, TC60W and TC100W and since have been company’s most popular products. The iStick 200W targets vapers who want high wattage and a tank full of batteries. iStick 50W is an affordable, yet powerful gadget with a small display showing battery status, voltage and power usage. The list of products and accessories being offered by Eleaf is quite long and covers all type of customers. The company recently introduced EJuice, which has particularly been designed for its own E-Cigarettes. The available flavors range from fruit flavors to herbal and tobacco flavors. Eleaf’s extensive product range includes iJust ONE, Pico Dual, ASTER RT, iCare, iNano, iKiss, iCE kit, ATOMIZER and a whole bunch of other accessories.

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Why Eleaf?

Eleaf is known the world over for its quality products that are available at an affordable price. Variety and abundance of options is what differentiates the company from the rest. Its products are widely available from major stores around the world, including Gearbest, while excellent customer services earned the company a solid reputation among vapors. With e-cigarettes increasingly becoming popular in many parts of the world, Eleaf kept the pace and constantly innovated to come up with many innovative and unique products.

Top Products

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