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At a time when big Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus were creating quite a stir in the high-end segment, DOOGEE was busy tackling the low-medium end. Headquartered at Lenovo R&D Center 2F-B, South First road, High-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen – China ( CN address; 中国广东省深圳市南山区科技园高新南一道联想研发中心2楼), DOOGEE is known for introducing phones with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Founded in 2013, DOOGEE is relatively a new player in the market and is the third brand of KVD International Group Limited. Its parent company has already obtained around 100 patents (nationally) and is ISO-9001 and 2008 certified. Company’s marketing and PR efforts allowed the brand to become known in very little time. The company now covers many key international markets, particularly countries where demand for budget phones has been sky rocketing such as Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Africa.

Products and Specialties

The early smartphones made by Ulefone caused a great havoc on the market due to their low prices and great timing. Unfortunately the Be Touch 2 and other early products caused problems to many users, because of low quality manufacturing. Those problems were wiped out with the release of the Ulefone Paris and the 3rd generation of the Be Touch. Ulefone made 100% improvements and are not aiming for the stars anymore. They do what they do best: Budget midrange phones!

The software rarely comes with bugs or problems with Ulefone devices. Android updates do exist for some devices but are often delayed compared to other brands. The build quality lines up with other Chinese Brands like Cubot or Doogee and it is safe to say, that Ulefone here plays in the Top 10 of Chinese manufacturers.

DOOGEE is also one of the very few Chinese smartphone manufacturers that offers better support and downloads of the stock firmware. Strong presence in many countries gives another advantage to the company and its products are readily available at many large online stores, including Amazon, eBay and Gearbest.

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What makes DOOGEE Special?

With phones ranging from HomTom that packs a whopping 6250 mAh battery to F7 Pro that boasts flagship features, DOOGEE produces very affordable and feature-rich smartphones. Company’s strong background in Research and Development and strict quality checks translate into durable and reliable products.  Better firmware and general support enhances the overall experience and customer satisfaction, which adds even more value to the already feature-packed and very competitively priced products.

Top Products

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