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If you are not a drone enthusiast you probably have not heard about DJI, but the company is for drones what Apple is for computers. Founded in 2006, Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd (CN Address: 中国广东省深圳市南山区高新南四道18号创维半导体设计大厦西座14层) is a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems. Quality drones, aerial gimbals, propulsion systems and flight controllers are company’s specialty, which allowed DJI to grow exponentially after its inception. DJI is also considered the market leader when it comes to commercial and ‘prosumer’ drones.  DJI has almost reached the big milestone of being a Chinese company valuated at $10 Billion!

DJI’s founder Frank Wang has a lot in common with Apple’s Steve Job, as Wang is also a perfectionist and a visionary. The company was actually founded in a dorm-room at Hong Kong University and Wang used his scholarship money to fund the company. DJI’s first drones Phantom and the Phantom II proved to be a massive success and since then, the company has been growing at a rapid pace and gaining customer confidence worldwide. It was also a DJI Phantom drone that once crashed on the White House Lawn, complementing company’s slogan ‘The Future of Possible’. As a result, it took just 9 years for DJI to take over the commercial drone market.

Products and Specialties

DJI is believed to be responsible for spurring the ‘drone craze’ in China with its affordable, yet quality drones, which were also able to hold cameras. The Phantom series includes company’s consumer-flagship drones, which are also the most popular. Although these drones are primarily intended for aerial photography and cinematography, people also use them for recreational purposes. DJI terms the Phantom 4 as the smartest flying camera ever, which uses revolutionary materials, and features enhanced agility and multiple flight modes. Consumer drones are not the only thing that DJI is all about as the company is also well known for industrial products. The Spreading Wings drones are used across the globe for HD 3D mapping, surveillance and search and rescue. DJI’s product range includes Ronin, Flame Wheel, Mavic and Inspire.

dji quadcoptersWhy DJI?

It’s like asking why Apple? The reasons are very obvious: quality, credibility, durability and affordability (affordability actually isn’t the case with Apple products, so DJI scores extra points here). As far as the availability of products is concerned, it’s not an issue to find them as they are easily available at almost all major stores, including Gearbest. DJI is usually the first choice of people who are serious about UAVs as the company offers professional-grade drones for consumers around the world.

Top Products

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