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Focused on delivering great value for the money, Cubot is an emerging Android smartphone and wearable manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China (Unit A, Suite 7B, Window of the Modernization Bld., Futian District) (CN address; 中国广东省深圳市华强北广博现代之窗A座7B). Instead of putting all its efforts into the local market, Cubot’s parent company Shenzhen Huafurui technology Co. Ltd focuses more on international markets where demand for mid-range smartphones has grown exponentially over the years. That’s why the company has established strong connections with many large-scale retailers across the globe and has a strong presence in Europe, South America, Middle-East and Russia. Cubot became operational in 2004 and has been engaged in the production of various types of smartphones and entertainment robots. Constant innovation and R&D has transformed the company into a specialized manufacturer that now aims to establish itself as an internationally recognized brand.

What is Cubot Good at?

Cubot designs and manufacturers phones that can meet demands of various types of customers with cost effectiveness as its top priority. All the phones go through rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure that they last and perform as intended. Although the company was not so well known just a few years ago, the introduction of Cubot’s latest phone lineup grabbed the attention of many, who were tempted by its feature-packed phones at a jaw-dropping price.

With the Cubot S9, the company has recently moved away from manufacturing MediaTek-only phones and wants to prove that it’s ready to go mainstream. Recently announced S9 is company’s high-end flagship phone and is powered by a Snapdragon 823 processor, while phone’s design and SHARP display complement the powerful internals. Although lacking in variety, its wearable products compete with other Chinese brands, including Xiaomi, but are far from being a serious threat. However, its smartphones business is a completely different story and is increasingly becoming popular in many western countries, Russia and the Middle East. Phones such as Cubot Max, Manito, ECHO, Dinosaur, Rainbow and Cheetah 2 are geared towards delivering great value and features at a very affordable price.

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What makes Cubot special?

Creating the right balance between features and the price is what made this brand so popular over the recent years. Unlike many other Chinese brands, Cubot had been busy in the design department and avoided blindly copying Samsung and Apple phones. With the introduction of its flagship S9, Cubot is now ready to challenge even the big names such as Xiaomi. The brand also has strong distribution channels and connections with some big players of the retail sector.

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