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Convoy is a manufacturer of affordable, durable and reliable flashlights and offers a large variety of products to cater demands of different types of customers. The company has produced many benchmark products that set new standards for competitors. Only a few companies are able to match the quality Convoy offers while keeping the price low. The tried and tested Convoy products are not plagued with issues that commonly affect budget lights such as PWM. The versatile product range includes tactical flashlights, UV lights and outdoor flashlights with water and dust proofing. A huge variety of flashlights means there is a flashlight just right for every user that fulfills their requirements without costing a lot. The company has built a solid reputation over the years for producing flashlights with durable design that offer a lot of features and great value for the money.

Products and Specialties

Convoy is behind a number of very successful products, thanks to continuous innovation and customer-centric thinking. Convoy S2+ is one of them and is a very capable EDC torch with solid construction and a great switch. The waterproof flashlight uses high-performance UV led to detect currency notes and performs a variety of other tasks, while the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use the light for long periods of time. It uses just one 18650 battery to produce up to 200 lumens light and is also very easy to carry around, thanks to the lightweight and compact design. Convoy S3 XM is another affordable LED flashlight with IPX-8 waterproofing and up to 1000 Lumens light. It also runs on a single 18650 battery, while the average life span of its LED is rated at 50,000 hours.

The L6 is an extremely powerful flashlight that features a unibody design and can go as high as 3800 lumens.  People looking for a high-performing searchlight usually find L6 quite interesting as it uses a CREE N4 LED. L6 is built to survive the harshest of conditions and can be a great outdoor companion. This waterproof flashlight runs on two 26650 batteries that provide all the power L6 needs to produce the powerful flood beam. Convoy S5 Cree is one of company’s most affordable flashlights with a lumens range of 500-1000, which is quite good considering the price.

Convoy factoryWhy Convoy?

Convoy offers just the right balance between price, features and durability. Its products are built to last and offer great value for the money. That’s why it’s easy to find Convoy products at many popular online stores such as Gearbest. Although the company has very limited online presence (official), so many positive customer reviews speak for the quality and durability of products that are available at irresistible prices.

Top Products

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