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Guangdong Cheerson Hobby Technology Co. Ltd. (中国广东省汕头市澄海区凤新二路凤新工业区), better known as Cheerson was established in 2003 and evolved into one of China’s most well-known brands within 10 years. Previously Shantou SLH Mould Toys Company Limited, Cheerson is an ISO 9001 and ICTI certified manufacturer and its Hobby products have received several awards and international safety certifications. The company has always focused on innovation and R&D and has maintained strong connections with several national universities. Cheerson manufacturers a diverse range of products, including aerial photography, rescue and exploration and agriculture protection equipment. Its products are exported to many countries around the world, especially North and South America, Europe and Japan. High quality products at an affordable price have earned the company a strong rapport in the international market. That’s why its products are available at most of the large-scale international retailers.

Products and Specialties

Cheerson aims to turn peoples’ dream of flying drones into a reality and offers a variety of entry-level quadcopters to cater the requirements of beginners. Whether you are looking for an aerial, racing, micro or just a toy drone, Cheerson has got you all covered. The entry-level quadcopters for beginners are available at dirt-cheap prices and aim to open up the world of drones to everyone. CX 10-WD is one of the tiniest and most affordable drones around that features Wi-Fi control and a camera, which indicates the enormous value users get for their money. Although the company is mostly known for super affordable toy/hobby drones, it also manufacturers more serious stuff such as CX-20 Pathfinder RC quadcopter, which supports GPS and can also carry weight. Drones aren’t the only thing the company is good at as it also manufacturers RC helicopters and planes. However, company’s main focus remains RC quadcopters and that’s also what it does the best. Cheerson’s product range includes (Aerial Drones) CX20 Pathfinder and CX-20 Follower, (Racing Drones) CX-117 and CX-91 Jumper, (Toy Drones) CX-30, CX-36 Glider, CX-32 Falcon, CX-33 Scorpio, CX-37 Smart H, CX-60, CX-31 UFO, CX-35 Leopard and a huge variety of micro drones.

cheersonWhy Cheerson?

Company’s experience and history of innovation has transformed it into a manufacturer of high-quality and affordable drones for beginners. Its products are widely available in many countries at big stores, including Amazon and Gearbest. While Cheerson does not have much to offer to professionals and serious flyers, it still serves its target market very well and focuses on what it’s good at i.e. drones for beginners and recreational purposes at incredibly affordable prices.

Top Products

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