beelinkEstablished in 2014, Beelink is a brand of Shenzhen AZW Technology Co. Ltd (中国广东省深圳市龙华新区大浪街道福龙路龙军工业区18栋四楼 / 4th Floor, Building 18, Longjun Industrial Park, Bujiuwo,Longhua New District, ShenZhen) and specializes in home entertainment products, including TV Boxes, Mini PCs and Car DVRs. Company’s Android TV Boxes are particularly liked the world over because of their features and affordable price. Its products especially attract users who want to install custom software such as Kodi and Plex. Although the brand is still in its early stages, it managed to reach the global market in a very short amount of time. Most of Beelink’s products are readily available at major online stores, including Amazon and Gearbest. Shenzhen AZW Technology’s strong background in R&D enabled Beelink to gain popularity in a very short time, and now its Android TVs Boxes and Mini PCs are considered among the best in terms of value for the money.

Products and Specialities

Beelink is better known for its Mini PCs and Android TV Boxes, which are feature-packed and very affordable. The BT3 Mini and BT7 Intel-based Mini PCs were received very well by the customers and offered at a very attractive price tag. Similarly, GT1 Ultimate and MINI MXIII II TV boxes also managed to grab a lot of attention worldwide due to their powerful internals and great price-value ratio. That’s because instead of sticking with big names, people are now increasingly becoming attracted to Chinese products that offer a much better value for money. The Intel-based Mini PCs and Amologic/Rockchip based TV Boxes have already become a standard almost everywhere. Beelink also takes advantage of these efficient platforms and adds value by offering even more features and software optimizations.

Beelink on GearBestWhy Beelink?

Ranging from super affordable TV boxes like X2 to capable Mini PCs such as BT7, Beelink covers all type of customers the world over. Ability to customize the software is another advantage that very few Chinese manufacturers offer, while a lot of information about doing so is already available on the internet. Beelink’s products are also widely available across the world through major online stores, including Amazon and Gearbest and are generally regarded as high quality, durable products.

Top Products

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