Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Window Cleaner at 163.80€

The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Window Cleaner provides you effortless operation while making your windows clean as new. The latest device features a 99% ultra-high cleaning rate, with ultra-fast cleaning speed, which is 50% higher than the previous generation. Its composite rubber tracks with glass fiber have a service life of more than 400 hours, around 400% higher than similar products on the market. Moreover, its high-end Italian chip combined with smart sensors+updated path planning provides a new cleaning experience to the users.

Alfawise WS-1060

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The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Window Cleaner is a perfect device for families living in multi-stories apartments. Its remote control and smartphone app make it very easy to use the device even by a kid. Besides, the device do all the hard work and keeps you safe from climbing ladders for cleaning your window.

Alfawise WS-1060

Main Features:
●99% super clean coverage
●Smart chip automatically cleaning
●One-button start + remote control + APP control
●Long-time cleaning
●High-efficiency cleaning
●2800Pa strong suction
●Avoids stuck in frame edge
●30 Mins endurance after electricity cut off
●Low noise


The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Window Cleaner is available in single silver color. This color makes the window cleaner looks beautiful in all kind of window designs, and will drag a lot of attention. It features an ultra-thin design with a height of 3.66 inches. This makes it around 25% thinner than most of the other window cleaner avaible in this price range. It has a dimension of 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs 1.2700 kg making it extremely easy carry around.

Alfawise WS-1060

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On the top, you can see the button to turn on/off the Alfawise WS-1060. Its handle carries the cord, which powers up the device. On the right, you can find the manufacturer Alfawise logo. At the bottom, there’s a small speaker to let you know about the completion of work.


Alfawise WS-1060

As for the movement, there are two rubber track wheels at the bottom of the device. In the bottom middle, there is air inlet, framed by a microfiber cloth. Inner edges of the wipes are fitted with rubberized scrappers, which improves the quality of cleaning to another level.

Alfawise WS-1060

The Alfawise WS-1060 Smart Robot Window Cleaner features smart chips for automatically cleaning. The processor’s internal microcontroller keep an eye on “N”, “Z”, “N+Z”, three cleaning routes, which freely change, and wipe out dust thoroughly. Providing you with 99% super clean coverage, which is more than 3 – 5% higher than that of market window cleaner. Also, Alfawise WS-1060 adopts a motion current sensing system that allows the device to detect and avoid window frames accurately.

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Alfawise WS-1060

The latest device is powered by 2800PA strong suction force, which enable the device to firmly climb on glass. Even a 7kg water bottle cannot drag it to fall off. Moreover, its reinforced and non-slip track band avoids slipping and skipping od the device. It can easily clean 1 square meter in 2 minutes, 300 percent faster than manual.

Alfawise WS-1060

It can suck still on glass for 30 min and send an alarm when the electricity suddenly cut off. Being a smart device Alfawise WS–1060 Robot Window Cleaner is fully compatible with an App that you can download from PlayStore. It enables the user to utilize the machine while sitting on the couch. The App is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How to buy Alfawise WS–1060 Robot Window Cleaner?

Product ships from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page

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