Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dual Slam at 161.88€

Everyone knows the fact that the unclean environment creates a breeding ground for infectious diseases and increases the risk of getting sick. Nowadays, the working couple has two options for making the home clean, either you can hire a maid or clean by yourself. However, after an exhausting day, no one wants to sleep on the floor. The news Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a more convenient solution for keeping your home clean. A much better solution than hiring a maid and risking your personal belonging.

Alfawise V8S

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The robot vacuum cleaner works entirely automatically and greets you with cleaner home every day. The Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner features Intelligent gyroscope navigation, which helps in freely navigating and bypassing any barriers. Moreover, once the device battery gets low, it will automatically return to the docking station and recharge itself. 

Alfawise V8S Main Features:

  1. Dual SLAM system consists of an intelligent gyroscope navigation+PSD positioning sensor application, precise positioning, and comprehensive planning.
  2. The BLDC brushless motor provides stronger suction along with higher work efficiency and longer duration of work than conventional engines.
  3. Super suction, 1300pa in the primary cleaning capacity, it can easily absorb dust and hair
  4. The remote control makes it more convenient and easy to control. It provides edge/planning optional modes to free hands.
Alfawise V8S

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  1. The device recharges automatically while finishing work or in low power. It also supports direct charge through the control panel or remote control.
  2. Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery allows the utilization of enough power for the robot to work for 90 – 120 minutes.
  3. The length of the roller brush 19.1cm. It is the longest in the industry and the best one clearance rate.
  4. Targeted to deal with a variety of dust on different grounds, it deep cleans the floor gap and lengthens the double brush.
  5. 1.5cm obstacle crossing function enables the cleaner to climb a steep slope of 15 degrees.
  6. All kinds of home floors, carpets, tiles, can be perfectly adapted.
Alfawise V8S

Design-wise, Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is nothing different from its competitors. It follows the same century-old round design, mounted on wheels. However, the device features the latest sensors, equip all around it. It’s available in black color, which makes it easy to recognize it even from a distance. The product is reliable in terms of sensors, and the device is easily movable without knocking your furniture. If you wish, you can also control it with your phone or remote control, through the dedicated application.

Alfawise V8S

The Alfawise V8S Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes equipped with a 1300pa Super suction engine. Even featuring a large motor, the device creates very low noise (less than 65 decibels). It means that it will clean the whole place and you will not even notice it. It takes around 4 to 6 hours for completely charging the device. After a single charge, it can efficiently operate between 90 and 120 minutes in a single go.

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Alfawise V8S

The Alfawise V8S can easily climb any obstacle up to 1.5cm and climb slopes of 15 degrees. The only thing you have to worry about is its dust tank, which offers a capacity of 350 ml. Therefore, you need to clean it regularly to maintain its cleaning capacity, especially if you have pets at home.

How to buy Alfawise V8S?

Product ships from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page

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