CHUWI AeroBook Laptop at 360€

Chuwi goods have been a fantastic blend of very good quality, balanced cost, amazing attributes, and their most recent novelty, the CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 is also not an exception. And now, it’s time to have a better look at the notebook.

Being a complete metallic notebook, the latest laptop measures to be only 15 mm in folded condition and wights only 1.250 g. Having a 13-inch screen, the case is that the size of a conventional 12-inch version. The alloy used in creating this newest novelty is an blend of aluminum metal with magnesia.

The very first thing you will find after opening the 2019 CHUWI AeroBook Notebook , is its just 5 millimeter thick minimum frames. As a result, over 80 percent of this panel is reserved for the screen of this notebook.

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The 2019 CHUWI AeroBook Notebook also includes an IPS-matrix screen , using a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and sparse smartphones like frames onto the top and sides. The minimum bezels permit the 13.3-inch display to be inscribed in the instance, the measurements of which were formerly correlated with 12-inch solutions. Additionally being 2019 published, the latest notebook provides some obvious benefits such as the anti-glare, matte and superb viewing angles together with the display.

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Among the greatest things about the laptop also includes its great colour coverage, in addition to using complete lamination technology. Its effect, you are given a laptop with quite realistic pictures like displayed on the surface of the display. The brightness of this unit is more than sufficient to work easily.

Keyboard and trackpad

Convenience text input is among the most crucial parameters to get an ultrabook. The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 provides a great looking keyboard made from black vinyl with a coat. A stroke of roughly 1.5 millimeters, with rapid typing, they don’t make any sound that some will love.

The hottest AeroBook also comprises two backlight for its keyboard and can be controlled from the F6 button. But, it does not fit a distinct layer for its keys.

The trackpad offers trusted control, clearly admits clicks and gestures. It requires some time to emulate the left and right mouse buttons for first time user — that they are somewhat tiny. The trackpad surface is tough — this is great, so the likelihood of incorrect input signal is diminished. Generally, ergonomics may be estimated in five with a small minus.

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The laptop delivers exceptional performance, nothing stinks and doesn’t slow down. Next-generation Intel Core M3 chip forces the apparatus hub, but as for your games we can not say the exact same thing, as the notebook is obviously not intended for gaming. However, its still possible to start and play some popular games five decades back. However, to receive a fair figure of fps that you have to reduce the FPS or even the display resolution. Under stress, Chuwi heats up, the peak value listed is 65 degrees, but it is perfectly normal for notebook which are fan-less.


Very Happy with the autonomy of latest CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019. The system comes with an integrated battery of 38 watt. In a combined situation of working with text and surfing sites (that the backlight of this computer keyboard is switched off), you can find a huge job time of 7 hours. And this can be in the”optimum performance” mode. Together with the energy saving manner, you are able to stretch the job time for another hour and a ha


The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 is the ultimate case of never underestimating the goods of Chinese manufacturers. Mini, but at exactly the exact same time, durable notebook gives a fantastic freedom, coupled with decent performances. Just right for functioning in office software and researching the expanses of this network. The maker is famous in its market and was able to establish itself one of our compatriots.

It’s apparent that AeroBook isn’t a gaming device, but users will love a rocky case, thin bezels, a good keyboard.

How to buy?

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